A few sketches

Did a few sketches for Thalar, medea and Glyph.

Thalar and Glyph were the winner of the FFRPG contest so that made their characters become official. Nal’Reka and Oisso’liin.  I’m planning to toss in Nal’reka at chapter 14 and Oisso’liin in the prologue.

Xyrraizestu houseThalar OisollinSasi'raelNal'Reka

First picture is Medea and Thalar characters, both from a sharen’s house they made. Second is a slight redesign of thalar character. The third is an Illhardro assassin , again Thalar character. Did it just for fun, i’m really not feeling in a work mood today. The last is Glyph character, a sarghress highland raider.

Kharlaggen design sheet

Also did a character sheet for Kharla’ggen. It is meant for the statue maker, but honestly, i don’t expect that guy to ever do it after what happened last time! Yet i did it anyway, at least – i – won’t be breaking what i say i will do.  You guys may use it if you feel to do a kharla’ggen fanart, though i don’t think the picture is well drawn… it can still be use as reference.


  1. XYRRAI’ZESTU 4 EVA!!! -glomps- These are so cool, thank you so much, Kern! This was a wonderful surprise after an extraordinarily lame week. =D

  2. I already said this, but I love the sketches you made :) The redesign of Oiloss’lin fits really well, more Sharen-like than what she looked like in my sketches =)

    Really looking forward to seeing both Nal’Relka and Oiloss’lin in the comic!

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