Smug snad

The schedule changed as the cleaning isnow happen on saturday. Which mean were i to stream, at best we’d hear people cleaning in the background. At the worst my desk is in piece and my computer disconnected. That make for a bad streaming to have the computer off… A stream on friday would be best. One meant to empower me, Lunareth and Darkvolt to make a big push on our pages. For the first time in a long time(Since the 13 hours stream marathons) i’d do moonless age pages live. Sure won’t be voting on what’s going to be drawn but i’m sure Kiel and Nau can get luigi noses. If Lunareth think it’s a good idea, i’m thinking 2hPM would be best.

Someone found a link buried on the site that lead to custom lineart, on paper!. Yes paper. I had to search for buried pens to make it and fight the urges to reach for a lasso tool when it was time to correct the mouth. Can’t flip the pen to get an eraser either, it’s moving time after all! And because of that move it had to be done now.
I don’t exactly remember when the offer went up for this type of stuff but i know it’s before i moved to digital arts with my cintiq. Which mean it’s before i started doing commission too. Which mean damn the lineart was cheap. At some point i need to hunt down that link and shoot it down with an NES zapper. It may quack when it goes down, or a dog will laught at me if more of these come in during the move.


  1. In da beginin’, Kern had only a pen and paper. And it was good.

    Then, Kern discovered the wonders of a tablet, and the pen and paper were cast down and buried for all time.

    But then, in The Great Move, they were unintentionally released from their prison to see the light of day, once more!

  2. That is why I hate having to physically write things down on paper now, can’t fix any errors you make without starting completely over. And also because my handwriting sucks.

  3. “Someone found a link buried on the site that lead to custom lineart, on paper!”
    Not very deeply buried though .

  4. I -still- have the chibi kite did for me, framed, on my treasure shelf. It’s one of my prized possessions. I think you guys should consider doing more traditional arts for prices you feel are reasonable. :> i know you guys are super busy though, so, charge a butt tonne. ;)

  5. Poor stream, and I doubled my mobile bandwidth and all.

    I hope everything goes well, I’ll miss you lot.

    Now, that link, such temptations it does hold :)

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