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Soon we will print another poster to be sold with the books and individualy. Because printing involve massive quantity , we need to choose the perfect posters to please as many people as possible.

For this, i planned 17 concepts of poster. Many of them are draft and will be hard to see. But with the text, should get the idea.

1: All the childs of drowtales in various close up poses. Except Ariel in the middle who is fully visible

2: Nidraa’chal versus Sillice’s sharens. In the background their troops clash against each other

3: Surface scene. Wasteland, gigantic tower, ariel traveling. Kind of blah to be honest.

4: Sillice versus Nishikanta in the tower of Diva’ratrika.

5: The 5 sharen daughters , split, with 5 different background. Around Diva’ratrika and sharen symbol.

6: Illharess. All 9 of them, various poses. Kharla’ggen hold an An’jhali plush.

7: Naal’suul, new dress, blade in hand. Gratuitous fanservice for Naal’suul lovers i guess. Background is her demon bound in chains.
8:Ariel hugging Faen protectively. Background is a kingdom on the surface.

9: Child cast, in various action pose(but less of them than 1) with Chel’el’sussoloth as background.

10: Casual scene from the unloading of the cast in early chapter 13. As they arrive in machike.

11:Kiel with arm wrap around naal’suul. Doing a “You’re going down” gesture.

12: Ariel and her protectors. Vaelia, Jiv’kyn, Myo’na. Melodia is in there…for cuteness sake.
13: 3 heroines with important storylines. Kiel back to back with Chiri. Ariel is in the middle, doing a shapechange.

We can also combine 5 of the clan background into a poster. There wouldn’t be the logo nor the fading effect of course

Not necessarily those 5 but you get the idea for concept 14.

idea 15 is simply re-print the poster from the original printing run of the Prologue.

Idea 16 : There was that panel from chapter 8 that we really liked

And finally idea 17 would be using one of the clan picture, stand alone. So far the Kyorl, the Sharen and Sullisin’rune(coming soon) are favourites.

17 ideas in total to pick from! Make your choice heard as soon as possible. via the poll and or the comments.

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  1. 2,4,5, & 15.

    personally I chose the poster design(s) with the characters that are featured in that particular chapter.

    Putting all/any (of) the kids in is too soon (concerning this chapter)

    Ariel (&faen) those characters have not been established yet (nor their relationships).

    All the ilharess’ … have not been properly introduced yet.(that is for people who are seeing this story for the first time)

  2. I agree with Hellsion. Since it will be shipped with Prologue, I think it would indeed be best if it didn’t have stuff from, say, chapter 13. :)

    But perhaps you could make some of those ideas into posters anyway, just sell them separately? ;)

  3. I’d say for the Prologue 2, 4, 5, or 6 would be the best, as the first three are sorta specific to the chapter and the last is kinda general to the world. Though I suppose that would depend on who fills in for the Sharen, as Diva would be “in seclusion” when Kharla’gghen rises to power…

    The other choice is just reprint the original since it too is specific to the prologue (with the sisters, Sha’sana, and the warriors of each side). I’d go for that personally. If you ever printed Longest Wait, 5 would be perfect.

  4. Reminder in case people skip the text above and post below. this is for both prologue and individual sales. There will be just ONE, not many. They cost a lot to print and there isn’t the possibility to make a second.

  5. A reprint of the original poster would be nice for those who didn’t have funds, BUT then no one might be so inclined to buy the second edition and the poster of the first publication poster may not be so special :[

    A poster in theme with the prologue makes a lot more sense than others, though[may not be in one of the ideas to choose from but just throwing it in] the children just as the prologue ends, you’d have ariel baby and maybe younger[and adorableeee] child cast pre ariel’s first encounter with each.

    BUT I will vote on 5 :], you’ve got a pretty hectic front cover [ow ow owwww], a flowing close-up of the Sharen nobles would compliment the first poster a lot :]

    I also think the Dutan wall paper would be an awesome poster on it’s own or Dutan related.. as it IS the most the clan is mentioned, some sort of relic icon of there’s should be on the poster symbolisms of the many downfalls…but that’s more idea’s I won’t complicate the many concepts XD

    Have fun choosing :]

  6. I want them all as my wallpaper changing screensaver…

    but I must agree with Hellsion, the book needs a poster that goes with the subject material for the fans of the prologue as opposed to fans of chapter 13. But which one? In my opinion, 2 is probably the closest match to making the story directly into a poster. But I still love 15.

  7. Well in Daydream there’s a wallpaper where they all together. Personally I would like to see 1, 6,7,9,11 and 13. So hard to decide. But since I’m not that much a fan of posters and plushies, perhaps I’m not the person for such a poll. ^^ Anyway, my vote goes to number 13.

  8. Oh, is this just for creation or to be printed? In other words, will they all be created at some point, just not in physical poster form?

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