Commission list, concept list, Spy

Saturday stream resumes at 2hPM. The only confirmed co-host will be Mau.She has a long awaited daydream page that need be finished while i’ve quite the pile of commissions to go through. Which i’ve went through to sort them out.

– jkerly87 concept art wood elf
– Pariel m concept art Dokkalfar guy
– gem Zair page (unpaid)
-gem Angjss’stra concept art
-Durlyn Compensation sliced off Kalki’s head
-B-woman Secret piece(Half paid)
-lordpanther, Daydream remake page 3
-michael 2 ff14 character
-Catriana and nerdycannuck dual concept sponsored by Khora
-Lordpanther Tiply action maid
-lordpanther sexy Quaintana
-Thalar Kalki memorial 2 character + 1 chibi

The first 4 date from september so i really need to get them done asap. lordpanther sponsorship is monthly so these too need to get done, plus they’re entertaining for livestreaming. I don’t know yet which will be done tomorrow. Regardless of what’s chosen, there will be a chapter 47 concept!
For which i’ve also done a sorting out:

-Zair gem76
-Rayata mau
-ninja guy Lunareth
-Sarghess assault legion Martin
-Lordpanther Pen’ri Vloz’ress
-Altesh sharen Colin
-Razorburn Zith
-Orion Jhane
-Starlitdragon fishmonger of doom
-Roonvos Christer

The most urgent ones are those of Mau and Luna at the moment. Fame already appeard but she cannot change outfit until she reach home, giving me some time. You got a concept art and you don’t see yours in the list? It’s possible. I’ve processed the cameos in two parts and might have missed a note the first time when things got hectic. Though i’ll counter check every cameo information when the time come to write them in, so you’re safe. Feel free to correct me anyway if you see something missing.
That’s a lot of work piled up. And what prompted to check is that i was asked recently how’s my commission list is looking. Well it’s looking long at the moment.

Junglefowl character concept art. This was the one when i had a little “i can’t draw anymore” during the stream two week ago that led to the luigification of the characters. Even now i feel like this one doesn’t feel entirely right.


  1. Oh my, that IS a lot of work you need to do *sends all the choco-feels*

    I’d only be able to join the stream at around 5 pm at the earliest >-< *BOOHOO* *sob*

  2. I paid you $200 for Aerisas Sima’ayana Balvhakara. That is sufficient to pay for a concept art, so it should be on the list.
    I bring this up because that whole pre-paying may have been as confusing for you as it was for me. (for example I didn’t even know that I’d pre-paid for Disestablish and Aerisa at all but I had,apparently I just Mr. Magoo’ed that shit) I don’t know if she sent you any of the information required for that stuff however. She might have purchased something else with that extra money, but I don’t recall seeing anything for her like artworks or anything.

    1. You beat me! xD Sima was indeed paid for, including a concept art. And Kern has recieved all relevant information. During the cameo stream she was listed as one of the ten(?) member of the Sharen Alliance =3

      1. 8. There are 8 Sharen
        And yes, because I dindn’t want to use the money on anything else, I just sent the money to Kern and bought a concept art with my own money to tide myself over.

      2. I,ll make sure to add sima to the list! This is indeed part of the “hectic” first day as some paid for others. Then it’s the fun of trying to match informations between different addresses.

  3. I think Roon’vos can wait a week. I’ll be at work most of the time for the livestream. Next weekend is free and a better time to try it.

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