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Moons Age:  Summoner lady

I really look forward to the days which I can do a bit of art practice. :)  I took one of Kern’s sketches and colored over it in this piece.


  1. Like your coloring. Keep it up. Learning is a live long process as one improve day by day through experience.

    This character is from one of Kern’s sketches so will she be in drowtales in later chapters? o.O

  2. This character existed during the Moons Age, long before the dark elven exile, Sharess, and Chel’el’sussoloth, so it’s doubtful that she’ll appear in the Moonless Age comic. She is meant to be another elven fairytale, much like the ‘Nameless Hero’.

    I should probably mention– ‘Nicecoloring;)’ you should put in a nickname in the name box when you comment, and not a subject. XD  That way your comment will not need to be approved each time if you keep reusing the nickname.

  3. Ooh, I’m loving that glow… The whole thing is so pretty… X3

    Great job Kite and Kern~ (I figure Kite put most effort into the prettiness’s outcome? Thus, name ish first.)

    I always enjoy stuff that isn’t important… (I also enjoy important things) So yay. ^^

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