itty bitty pyro

Saturday stream will be at 1hPM.Lunareth will be there to do chapter 47 Zala, yes 47, it’s finally time to start preparing for it. I,ll there to do the sexy chrys commission for swedish kitsune followed by the lineart of baldo’s commission. I apologize to sarogo for not having done much progress on the kyorl page this week. The third member of the livestream will be kite if she’s awake, if not Darkvolt could begin the next we are feral page live.

I really wanted to give this whole pixel art a try as Kite had been doing a few piece lately, so did Darkvolt. Using Kite’s last Kaito/riz as reference i’ve made a Chiri :
The original size that this is being worked on is below. Kite liked it enough to encourage for more to be done and from what people has been suggesting it’ll be ; Kharla, on a yellow ducky. Or summoning a yellow ducky.


  1. Yay! Another stream I will either miss all of or most of depending on how my new Saturday morning shift stretches to! XD

  2. Amazing pixel art!

    I hope everyone has fun during the livestream. I”ll be unable to attend, so no adding my pink text to the masses. =P

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