Anniversary script, end of chapter 2 and wallpaper

Zeb made a wallpaper of discordia, check it out:

About chapter 2, i finished the last page(chibi) lineart 3 days ago. Though you’ll see it online only in one month time. Feel weird to have so much time to work on other things…

First time i needed to do is script the 17th april animation, that part is now done. It will have 6 part and my guess is that it will be 12 minutes long. One part about chapter 3,  prologue preview, daydream slavemaster, relic hunter, Path to power(new section) and a bit about the anniversary itself, to announce a few stuff about the coming year.
Just waiting for shawn to approve it now, then we’ll know if it is possible or something have to be cut. I’ll be doing the storyboard for it today.

Tomorrow i have to do a Kharla’ggen character sheet for the statue maker. I feel inspired to do a wallpaper or poster about her. Any preference?