Riz disaproves

I’m aiming for a 1h30PM livestream session.

The arc i’ve added to my original plan is now over. 15 pages in the Ys colony meant to wrap up the events there, push a bit forward some relationships and get things moving. Now that this is done we’re moving to Quain’tana story on monday! Everything will be red and black again. Except unlike Sarv’swati red eyes, this one is sarghress red. Cloak, hair , banner. Let the red flood the city.
Riz disaproves. Of course she disaproves of most things. By Kite for Catriana.

Some progress on a commission to Thalar. Unfortunately interupted due to a severe need of a plumber who had to stay many hours to find the dark secret in our walls. Today wasn’t a good day.


  1. Riz is that Dragon Age character that travels with the MC out of duty or obligation but hates 90% of the decisions the MC makes.

    Ariel: “We’re going after the airship!”
    Riz: “….”
    [Riz’riia disapproves ♥-50]

    She won’t complain (out loud), so at least there’s that. Get the job done and go home (with the heir in one piece), business as usual.

  2. Sorry to hear about today, I wonder what dark secrets were hiding in your walls that needed a plumber. Sounds like a Mario set up :)

    Why do I think that there are daemonic squid hiding in cat lady’s hair?

  3. Aaaah, so much good artwork! I love the Riz chibi – she looks so stern and disapproving there! The commission for Thalar is also coming along nicely. It’s a pity that work on it was interrupted by the need for a plumber. :( I hope everything is all settled down over there now.

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