Progression of Moonless age arts

It seem to be an eternity for me, and so i was shocked when i realized that chapter 2 was actually only a year ago. And looking at pages like these and those make me cringe already. Pretty much nearly everything in chapter 2 make me cringe now, so much work was put into them and 1 year later i do not see them with the same eye. It is negative? Not entirely. It just show how much we’ve progress in a single year. Compare those old pages with modern ones and you’ll see the difference! My sketches used to be messy things that only i could decypher and ink them. Nowaday my sketch are so clean that we don’t need inking for some artworks. Just coloring the sketches do the job just fine! (though moonless age pages are still inked) Growing arts quality and a growing team that helped keeping the quality with steady updates rate.
So personaly it is both disapointing to see hard work turned into something so ugly and a great thing to witness that this always room for improvement. It been like this since 2001 and i think we still have a long way to go. There is so much left to improve everywhere… I best finish to sell those prologue books before i feel ashamed to sell them :P

There is another thing that can show progress across the years. The lastest chapter 7 page is very simmilar to the original one in chapter 7. The iconic appearance of the girls from various clans had to be kept simmilar. 2003 to 2008.

I do wonders what moonless age will look like in a few years. We’re just about to get done with the remakes and moving on with future stories which open a lot of possibilities. New things to draw, which we never had the chance to draw before. New type of stories to tell too.

Another negative part of this art progression is the extreme increase in cost that is now involved in maintaining the web site as you know it. In april, the arts side alone (beside me and Kite) was of 4600$. Add all the other business costs on top and the result is nearly nothing left to pay our(kite and me) works. In compare to early 2007 where the challenge was to build a good team, now the challenge will be to balance things out , cut where we can, tweak what we can and hopefully build up our readership so that our efforts and improvement can pay off.