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Happy holidays to you all.
The daydream schedule this week will be one of the artists choosing. To give them a holiday breaks , like every year, they get to choose what they want as an update. PTP will update as per normal as it is nearing it’s epilogue. Relic hunter i expect they’ll get a group party thing going on though it’s up to rune in the end. As for Moonless age itself, no filler, it’ll continue! For Kite depart on a travel the 31th december. Meaning that the chapter need to be complete by then. Yes the chapter will end by page 92. It does have an end. I would have prefered 93 or 94 pages but that’s schedule for you. Expect the concept arts and general pre-production to begin at this date, which give enough time for Khora’s character contest to come to a close as well.

Do you like nagas? Kite like nagas too.
Touch those soft cheeks Badal. Anyone else want to touch the cheeks?

Lordpanther commission of his naga with Dalvy’s naga.

Speaking of dalvy she sent a bunch of artwork she commissioned from Anthenora
Thanks Dalvy!

Then another lordpanther commission went online on daydream of Syphile and Tiply.

Where’s my own commission progress? Went to pages i’m afraid. Catching up on the unfinished page from saturday. 1 and half page took the whole day away.


  1. You practically opened up yourself to commission requests for the holidays. Mwahahahahahaha! >:)

  2. Merry Christmas everyone! :-D Anyone planning to drink should plan on not driving. Be safe and happy!

  3. I like nagas. I also like ferals. And I believe that cute nagas and cute ferals can join together to serve in the cause of cuteness. How about… Ba’dal and Xy’tin have been told to help out at a feral creche, and are now being climbed on by dozens of feral kits (not a problem, as their scales are effectively claw-proof). Or later, at nap time, they’ve wound their bodies together to form a basket for the kittens, and are indulging in a little snooze themselves, snuggled up with two equally exhausted feral childminders. For extra cuteness, suppose Ash’waren had arm-twisted Quain’tana into sending Faen and Ariel over for some R&R, and they’re there, snuggled up with the ferals and nagas… now, if I just drape some tinsel over them, fly a few festoons over them, hang a star in the middle, and superimpose the words “Merry Christmas”, and perhaps “And a Squeeful New Year” as well, and that’s my imaginary Christmas card to you all! >:=3>

    Or have I missed something out?

    Chirinide: (entering in red uniform with large sack) Ho Ho Ho! I am Templar Chiri’nistmas, and I am here to dispense fishy treats and shiny toys to good little ferals!

    Syphille (skulking behind her): And I am Bel’syphille, here to dispense unpleasantness to bad little ferals… *grumbles* I’ll go wait outside…


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