WordPress and an ‘update’ on the update rate!

WordPress succesfully installed though not customized to fit any color theme or anything else. Just barebone stuff, but should permit us all(me, kite and Tranquil) to be able to post our stuff in an unified new system and users to comments if need be.

I was feeling rather depress last week, feeling dissatisfied with my work. It been 5 year and half since drowtales began and we’re still struggling with the remakes. Drawing pages after pages, never drawing for “fun” for years is enough to make any artist start to dislike drawing. It is a chore. Whenever i get breaks, i don’t touch the pen at all! Screw practicing. I had other things in the back of my mind but these two things are the main cause for the down. So i thought as possible solution to go buy some sketching pens and try to do some sketching for fun sometime, things that i – don’t – have to do. Things that are not – useful – for anything. Just things i – feel – to do. Not inspiring? Then i just don’t do it. That it. No inking, no coloring, no waiting for anybody to continue it, no deadline, just plain sketching without purpose.

Well i think that worked. I did sketch everyday since then. I was able to do 2 comic pages and 4 character arts since then. Each of them taking no more than 30 minutes to complete. I also learned that having several pen with various density help to make my sketch less messy. (and thus the moonless age pages are now easier to ink, though i haven’t fully explore all the possibilities yet.)

Kite went and colored 2 of the artwork that she’ll post later on. She also want to color 2 of the comic page so i won’t post them either until ready.

Adult ArielCommission AfyaRoosof

Adult Ariel, a commission of Afya(that just regular work that i forgot to post before) and Roosof(a character of Relic hunters). Kite colored a picture of the sharen boy Nau’kheol, a young desmonde, a comic about gears of war and one about “Melnoz”

About the UPDATE RATE! The accursed update rate….

I swear we’re trying! But the background arts is our bottleneck. I hope things will improve soon about that. We might try to increase the update rate again sunday. It does not depend on anybody within this studio, it depend on Chimera.