The next project : sci-fi , genderbending, ferals

For voting, go to the forum. A quote of my forum post about the options up for selection:

Oh forum, it’s been a while since i’ve called upon you. Now is the time for you to let your voice known through the voting poll and suggestions.
Fruit fighters was a success which you can now see in the main archive. It was creatively empowering, it was quick enough to fit some of my more busy days, it was inexpensive and best of all : finite. Finish all the pictures, wrap it up, and it’s ready to go up to become a shared memory for all the participants.
I’d like to try another project. One that could begin live on october 12 once all the chapter 44 concept arts are finished. Please review these possibilities and vote accordingly for what catch your fancy.
-Space defenders of the universe
80s and early 90s sci-fie cheese glorified. Robotech pilots shall fight in giant combining mechas alongside space amazones. Pick your favourite serie of the past or just make up one. It does not truly matter as long as it fit the theme. If the show you’ve chosen has a specific style, i will attempt to mimick said style. Int he end we will put it together into a fake show intro or go with a multiple characters team selection to fight an equaly cheesy 80s vilain. Characters that are from the same team can choose to combine for an ultimate form. Said ultimate form would be one more commission but shared among the members of the team.
-Pink panties.
The one that’s been in discussion for a couples week now. Based upon Catriana’s and Kite’s characters that had their relation genderbend with a suspicious pink panty involved. Pick your character, set on the pink panties and watch your character becoming the opposite gender. In a tasteful nude picture made with minimalistic colors. An optional request is that for females characters that are manly (ex: Quain’tana), these would become feminine, for male characters characters that are feminine (Ex Sorane), these would become manly. These would be combined into a new daydream archive paired with a fake dating sim at the end.
-Fuzzy Armaggedon
We all love our cats overlord. Wouldn’t it be nice to be of the true master of this earth? Turn your character into a wild colorful feral. From it 3 feets of height your mutated character will no doubt bring fear to those who remained unchanged. The colors and style would be simmilar to fruit fighters except with favourite activity instead of a fruit theme. The combined version of this project is unknown. I’m open to suggestions that are reasonable in their scope.

A couple notes to anticipate questions. This is not the “We are feral project”, as this is finite and doesn’t involve producing more comic page. It will be as inexpensive as fruit fighters. It will take a while to complete, likely december. Only one project will be done this year.


  1. I’m all in for the Space defenders of the universe, I wonder if stargate would work as an option. I’m going to have to think on this.

  2. If the Space Defenders wins I may have to get Tur’geis in on that. He’s already close to a Schwarzenegger parody as is (especially in the new Space Age RH adventure), might as well go for a Terminator/Rex Powercolt/Doom-style space marine spoof.

  3. I want to see all threeeee! D: Well, I guess that just means whatever wins, I’ll be happy and looking forward to participating!

  4. Each one has so much to recommend it!

    * Ariel as Barbarella! (But who would be Duran Duran?)
    * Chiridud√© and Shan’gal! (And which way would Yafein flip? Macho girl? Hermaphrodite? Kotorc?)
    * Kittiiiiiiiieeeeees! (Would your petting skills enable you to emerge unscathed from an encounter with Khitty’laggen… or would you end up as another scratching post?)

    Fun times ahead! >:=)>

    1. Thats a cheesy 60s Sci-fi and more importantly, with Ar as lead who would be the Black Queen? It would be 10x more spastic if you used Quain as Barbarella. Ashie makes the perfect Black Queen. Its a given that Sarv would be DD. The issue is Pygar (Faen would make a good one but who amongst the adult cast would fit?)

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