Sillice paroting, Limey, gifts

Darkvolthas made my failure of today into a graphic. For those who weren’t there in between 12h00 and 12h15, the page had a repeated dialogue where Sillice was paroting what another character said. No doubt at Nishi’kanta frustration.

In one fell swoop this ninja will refresh you! Lime ninja is Catriana’s ninorok.

Turgeis honeydew
Dietra honeydew
Jysmur jalapeno
Lordpanther kiwi
Ari’nara grape
Kor’rin banana
Kale’shido blueberry
Wei’rune blueberry
Gultyrr blueberry
Kevvren pomegranate
Orri’oll blackberry
Tarshay Melon
Kery Strawberry
Shiir pineapple
Naika Durian
Luanar raspberry
Raeth crabapple
Mandar’s raspberry
Sergeant Blueberry
Nona strawberry
Sindas pumpkin
Rafalza cherry
Relon’tar dragon fruit
Jak’iaah Cocconut
Nul’indra pineberry

There are so many nice contributor to this site, some of whom do things that i can’t put into words. Emperial whom i now know for the last 12 years sent this birthday present:

Gem76, a sponsor of the arts, sent a game collection.

And Bast, the devilish muse sent games of her own:
Thank you all. You’re awesome! The act alone is huge thumb up.


  1. Immature at the best of times, but after losing her family like that…

    just cold.
    *puts on sunglasses*

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