Chapter 43 Cameo call

IT’S FULL! 5 minutes all roles were taken. 10 minutes we were above capacity. We’ll work everyone in.
The time for cameos has come. This offer will likely last only a couple hours due to limited roles! Once the roles are taken it’s over till the next chapter come around.
What is a cameo? It is your character in our main story, Moonless age. he or she will be drawn having dialogues, interacting with each other. Likely fighting, bleeding and perhaps even… dying. Life in the drow world is cruel, filled with shades of grey where the true enemy is rarely seen, if ever. Where will you stand? With the turtle, the dragon or the wolf.

15 Roles available:
Sarghress faction:
Highland raider X 4
Sarghress surveyer X 1
Sarghress colony liaison X 1 (Can be of a different race if strong justification are given. Make your character compeling or stick to the main Lath or Ssu race!)

Kharla’ggen caretaker X 1
Kiel’s minion X 3 (demon, scourge, anything goes)
Fame (miburo’s) X 1

Nurse X 1 (can be naga or feral)

Sharen alliance(zala’ess) :
Envoy X 1 (Can be an Illhar’dro, Balvahakara, Jie’yen .)

Sharen renegade (Sillice):
Escort X 2

Please specify which role you’d like when passing your order.
Concept art grant you one of these :
They come at a reduced price when ordered with a cameo as they will help ensure your character get the the proper time to be studied, both in appearance and character. Highly recommanded for new characters!

Details required for your character:
-Name: First name, familly name(if any)
-Race : Ssu , lath, half blood, demon, naga,…
-Ancestry : Your character will be part of the faction you’ve chosen but where did she or he came from. Common blood, another clan or born in the faction you chose.
-Proffesion : The blade that the character wield does not define him or her. Choose what is the career path. Being Kiel’s minion is an acceptable proffesion.
-Martial abillity: Your favourite method of fighting. This will define your weapon, if any. Only one is allowed.
-Mana affitinity : One magical ability, be natural(more wild) or high art(more focused but require an foci)
-Costume: Clothes. Armor.
-Colors. Eyes, hair, skin.
-Personality traits: Stick to main points
-Favourite saying : One or two phrase often said.
-Quirks: VERY IMPORTANT. Character’s flaws is what define them. Be they be serious or humorous, think of how your character can have stranges habits, failures, or things that make them react. Such as a fear or phobia. It is this that will make your character stand out. Such as Fame love of Goats.
-inspirational pictures: Pictures that make you think of your character, or actual references.

-How do i submit my character?
Answer: Pass an order and i will contact you to receive your character informations.
-I’m sad that we don’t see the old secondary characters anymore. Can i order one of the old character, such as Kyo’varde?
answer: Yes, you will be the sponsor of that character and get to choose some modifications.
-Can i pre-order for the next chapter?
Answer: No
-Can i be a non Kyorl, non Ssu, non grey skin character?
Answer: The only exception would be pets. Such as Ferals and Dawmeres. I want the story to be focused, and that means only the Kyorls are allowed.
-Can i choose what happens to my character?
Answer: Your character will bleed, cry, laught, struggle and possibly die. Once you set forth your character in this universe you will not be able to influence his or her destiny beyond occasional inquiries from the writer.


  1. *kicks paypal* It just chose THIS DAY to suddenly think I’m 10,000 over my sending limit and lock my account. Can’t do squat till monday, so I’m going to have to wait till the next one.
    When’s that?

      1. :3
        Well, with this paypal issue I’m pretty much having to completely abandon my old one and make a new one so by that time comes around I”ll have it worn in so there’s no limits/funding wait times/odd glitches.

        And thanks to DT I’m re-working one of my characters

  2. WOOHOO!! Got one within minutes of it being announced! And I got a Vloz Soulseeker!!

  3. I think you may need to update your faq, Kern. Also, what is the focus of the next chapter?

    1. You missed it? I know you wanted an Illhardro cameo. But hey! You could always get a concept of your cameo.

      1. Yea… :( I had work till 12:45 so I couldn’t get online in time. Oh well. My Illhar’dro will appear next time.

    2. There is, it’s a shame Sonor couldn’t be part of it but there’s bound to be a much greater Illhar’dro presence soon enough!

  4. Damnit, I missed this, and I wanted to do a Vloz character too T_T she would have been an awesomely unhinged battle axe welding, spell song, berserker. oh well,m next time then.

  5. At this rate we are going to have a cameo family large enough to have formed their own clan :P

    1. Were you there at the livestream? What was the final roster like? I couldn’t see it because of computer issues.

      And I think the cameos have long since outnumbered Kern’s own made up named characters. But I’m not certain. At the very least equal. The whole idea is a very popular one.

      1. Not yet. Excluding this current batch, we’ve got 60 cameos out of a total 259 character pages up on the wiki. This doesn’t include any of the (many) older characters that have not had their pages updated to the new format, putting Kern’s own in a much larger family still. :)

          1. Probably not, unless we have another Chapter 40, haha. 29 of the cameos are from that call alone.

  6. Again i have no money for this.
    In the livestream where saying something about Nishi, is she gonna apear in this chapter?

    1. Hey Tsac, i saw your message on justin tv. To participate in the livestream you must go to , It has it’s own chatroom independant of justin tv and the windows can be popped out.

  7. Well this is what I get for sleeping…still its 5am for me when these things go live so not the best time :(

    1. Maybe you should have done what I did and slept early so you could wake up early? That’s what I did, and I was up at 3am, eventhough strictly speaking, I didn’t need to since I see new posts at 12 in the afternoon.

  8. 5 minutes? Out of curiosity, when did that storm started? I was on the darkvolt preevent but went to sleep before the main event started. Not that I planed getting cameo, obviously I’m not determined enough for that.

    1. On my end, it started precisely 12 in the afternoon. It continued at least 30 minutes with people wondering who got a spot and who didn’t. I wasn’t around that much.

          1. Which role did you want? I do not want anyone to have a sour memory of the cameo experience so we can work something out.

          2. If that was for me don’t worry. I don’t even have a role prepared. I’m still waiting for idea which would be worth it and fit the settings at same time. It’s just … I was actually interested how the process of “racing” for cameo looks. Well, perhaps next time.

  9. “-Can i be a non Kyorl, non Ssu, non grey skin character?
    Answer: The only exception would be pets. Such as Ferals and Dawmeres. I want the story to be focused, and that means only the Kyorls are allowed.”
    that looks like a leftover from the last cameo call.

  10. BTW, what you mean, “Sharen renegade (Sillice)”? Sillice is the only true (Val’)Sharen!

    1. We are not talking from an idealogical standpoint. It is from a political standpoint.

      1. You mean she still didn’t make an official political proclamation in that sense?

        1. I’m pretty sure she did, it’s just that not enough recognise her as the true Sharen.

  11. Bummer, typical that something like this would pop up while I was away at an anime convention >_<, but good luck to everyone who made the cut :3

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