Work in progress

Again the page is late by a couple hours. These things come in series as it’s due to a lack of buffer and late sleep schedule. Now Kite will upload the page herself when it’s ready.
On my side i am also late with the concept art, but i’d rather not go sleep during day light again so it’ll get completed after the livestream. Which begins at 13h! Themes will be Ariel, Faen, and the baby of Mel. Then page 42. Then the audience request. As for the topic for call-in discussion, suggest your ideas by leaving a comment.


  1. YAY! I look…. sketchy. And the face tattoo did made it, ofc not to complicated, but as long as its in i´m happy. <3
    The hair could have been a bit shorter though, stubble-short. <.<
    But his dawmere looks great! I did got to dye his hair, right? And it is a he, right? And i got to name it Dusk Shine, rigt? Right? XD

  2. I think you should take a break Kern you work way to hard , we could all live without the comic for a week or too , you could chill and make a few buffer pages before you go crazy and go on a killing spree!

    1. Yeah, as long as you tell us in advance that you´ll make a week vacation to slow down the Kerntrain and do a couple pages as buffer then thats just fine. Just remember to use the time to sleep and relax and not to always work on the next page.^^

      1. Everyone would be okay with you taking a break for a while, Kern, well, except a few slave drivers but they are slave drivers, they don’t know what work is, they are like resting for 90% of the time!

  3. I agree with waffleferret. You should really take a break. A few days without the comic won’t kill us and it’ll do you good to get some rest for both body and mind. Besides, we still got Daydream, Relic Hunter and PTP to satisfy our Drowtales hunger.
    As for livestream I’m really curious about Mel’s baby. Can’t wait to see the little drowling.

    1. Via a skype . It requires a microphone and skype I believe . Or maybe you could call in on a phone with a skype number , but that sounds like it might be expensive since most people are international .

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