Warring states, late page

commish 1-small
Commission by gem from the new artist Mary of daydream archive 2. To follow the theme of the new story.

Today our basement flooded so that took a bit of our time. No new concept art, i’ll have to push the last one to friday. Also Kite page is late, we do have a chibi page ready but it’s a moment in the story that she feel would be better left uninterupted, at the cost of having you guys wait 3 hours to see it. That’s what happen when there’s no more buffer of pages . myself i’m only 3 pages ahead, that’s nothing. We’ve just got to survive till this chapter is over then another artist will have a side story ready. Starlitdragon is progressing on the Jaal’darya and Felix has been working on the second part of that colonies story.


  1. Poor Gem >3

    A flooded basement is no fun, I know. But keep your spirit up. I wish I could help cleaning, but sleep well over it – tomorrow it will look less worse (but don’t forget to clean up just a little bit first, because it will look worse then).

    1. “Poor Gem >3”
      Nah , see it’s good because Faen is into girls . >:3 ( i think …)

  2. But it’s your sleepy time :/

    Gem seems to commission a lot, I’m starting to notice… but I love that weak looking Gem with sphagetti arms, you can see he’s only pretending to resist. >;D

    1. Yes, sleep is very important.
      But, If you have a flooding in your basement, you won’t have to remove the water alone. You will have to decide to remove the dirt with a swab now, or with hammer and chisel later. Trust me, the basement of our house got flooded several times until we built in a damper last year.
      I wish Kern and Kite all the best.

      1. My basement mildly floods only when it’s heavy rain. And by heavy rain I mean a rain that makes rivers flood in couple of days. I live on top of a hill, you see. ^^;

  3. Many more times than you already have, Gem. And, just between you and me, I think you’re wasting your breath. Now put on the dress and give the nice val ladies a twirl… >:=)>

  4. Damn it sucks to have part of the house flooded. Having to rip out carpet, moving all the heavy stuff, paying a cleaner to make sure no dangerous mold shows up… Really is miserable business overall

    But I am glad to hear the jaal story is still on

  5. Flooding sucks. We have to deal with that from time to time and its our first floor cause we have no basement.
    I hope not much gets damaged! If you are having trouble getting the water up, use a wet vac. A friend gave us a rather large one. We suck up the water with the wet vac and put the sub-pump inside of it to pump the water out. Works -really- well.

  6. WOW Kiel is an awesome ninja no one noticed her in the background, everyones attention is on poor old feminine…I mean masciline Zair =^-^=

    Hope everything is OK Kern and Kite the rainy season is just strating here now so I can relate.

  7. I just noticed an other thing: Gem’s wearing boxer-shorts, right? If he’s a boy, a fundoshi would be much more appropriate (and fanservice for your ladies. ;) ) But it could also be some kind of skirt (I don’t know the exact name) women wear under a kimono as underwear. So this would lead to, that Gem’s a girl even though. XD

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