My goddess tells me Chiri is a poo head

Gem76’s character concept art for chapter 42. This one was selected today through a rigorous scientific process. Hold on to your seat. I’ve typed “Sarghress” in the archive of cameos and picked the one that mentioned them. Yup. I just needed someone that could express loudly her opinion about them, which you can probably deduce why from this week comic pages.
It’s 7hAM, we’re going to sleep. It’s a bad sign for today’s livestream. I’ll likely wake up mid-afternoon. and worse is that the next part of the story need some writing work to be done before arts can be done. At best the livestream will start at 5hPM and last only till midnight. Next cameo will likely be someone with a loud opinion on Dutan’vir, if you’ve written something about this in your description, you’re likely next.


    1. I believe she was on the leader side.
      She looks cool I think it’ll be interesting to see such a fanatical character (and I mean that in the best sense of the word :) )

  1. Awww, she’s a tsundere. Shouts hate but in reality her heart is throbbing ;D

  2. Huh… Was the thing with all the water affinities meant to match or just a really big coincidence? I don’t think we ever saw someone fighting with water sorcery, I wonder if it’s really limited (a good reason for the warden to be jealous of Chiri’s affinity) or if they get badass waterbending moves.

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