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First happy chocolate bunny day from Darkvolt!

Livestream is over. It lasted 9 hours only this time. I had to cut it short due to fatigue.
Kyovarde concept art for Keegan. The cover of chapter 42 was completed. You’ll see it thursday.
Commission for Pitdragon by Kite.
Secret commission by Kite for tsuris, catriana and Alric. Tsu insisted that his character be replaced with another so a second picture was made (wallpaper sized):


Photobooth madness! By Kite.

Pokemon master Kiel by darkvolt! These clothes sure fit her better than the other set she had to wear.

Finally you can see some of Catriana design work on her tumblr for her upcoming story. design 1 design 2


    1. Just to make it clear:
      I was online, when Kite put this link online in the chat, that I have still in my browser-history.
      I think Kern will update the post later and put the picture online. A wallpaper-version was mentioned by Kite also.

  1. “Burnt at the stake for making funof her depth perception” This must be the addition the sponsorer made. Also, Mek, is Keegan your real name? I’m pretty sure you said you were the one who sponsored Kyovarde’s return.

    1. Wait, I can already see why anyone would jest about her depth perception!

      “Order of the Twin Eyes? But… why choose such a name if you are their leader…”

    2. ““Burnt at the stake for making fun of her depth perception” This must be the addition the sponsorer made.”
      I based it off a French martial hanging some people for saying a boy king
      “should be taught a flogged and taught a real job” or something during the wars of religion, which I found almost as arbitrary a reason as this . (also hillarious)
      ” Also, Mek, is Keegan your real name? I’m pretty sure you said you were the one who sponsored Kyovarde’s return.”
      Yes it is , and yes I did .

  2. I remember when I first saw Kyo’varde all those years ago in chapter 12, I thought she was a guy for the longest of time. (like over a year). Until someone mentioned she’s a female. xD
    Must be the wide shoulders, relatively flat chestplate, slim hips and the pants. And the bandana covering her eye does not bring out her feminine facial features… I’d guess she has many female admirers. ;P

    1. Which may be deliberate. Just because she’s Kyorl doesn’t mean she don’t like women …

    1. You can’t eat somthing that cute…

      But seriously when I first saw this news image of Faen I was creeped out :P
      Bunny girls yes, as long the change stays only to ears area/head accessory and winning fluffy bunny tail…
      Also the F-bunny looks like she was starved too much for the chocolate day in some dungeon ;)

  3. Ah, hooray for chocolate day. My campus is completely empty.

    I swear, that chibi for Pitdragon looks like it’s plotting something. :p

    1. It is important to always look like you’re plotting something, it throws people off, keeps ’em on their toes…

      (she’s plotting on where to get the best parfait, obviously)

  4. “Secret commission by Kite for tsuris, catriana and Alric.”
    WHO DID THE THING????? @__@

    1. That’s what I want to know too, I’m impressed that they did such a thing! Kite did a fantastic job on the chibi pic too, I love their expressions!

  5. When the Marauders rediscovered the camera, they did the only thing self respecting relic hunters could -they horsed off in front of it for hours.

    1. Every Kyorl knows as much about nether summoning as it’s necessary to close gates and seal demons, later opening a gate and sending them back (or at least i think so… it was mentioned somewhere that Kyorl send them back through the gate).

      Kyo’varde however has the mindset of “fight fire with fire”. When she was unable to seal all of the demons when facing Sene’kha, she utilized the demons and turned her arm into a demonic weapon. Which WAS pretty neat and freaky. I just wonder how did she return her arm back to normal later…

      1. I always assumed the creature “grew” on her arm like armor and that it wasnt part of her, however that makes you wonder where she was hiding the mana barring critter to feed to the demon gauntlet but ehh?? Makes more sense than her being able to section off a piece of her aura & then repair her body later. *shrug*

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