Back from PAX, Sith Kharla, 16 bits sprite goodness

Commission from Gem76 by Donny. It is Sith Kharla’ggen facing jedi Zair. born from discussion of star war crossover on the livestream.

Speaking of livestream, there wasn’t any last saturday because we were at PAX east.
The geek gathering of the east coast. The place to be if you’re a gamer of any kind. Rpg, tabletop, videogame , retro, or just like to create games yourself! There is simply too many things to do for a single person, it’s imposible. Some goes there just for the event itself and to collect swags. Me, i like to go there to renew inspiration. I attend the panels that the indies hold about their work and speak with many of them at their booths. Never know what kind of idea may come up. I beleive the 2013 edition was the best one yet!
On the topic of game, we’ll be trying to make another one very soon with the help of a new talented programmer. The question is what. Expect some brainstorming later this week. Coincidentaly , Darkvolt have made many sprites of Kiel , Baliir and Naal’ga.
These aren’t the only sprite of Kiel that were done. A while ago i commissioned an artist that did not complete an animation of her. Here what was done of her so far:

Jadie has done a piece for Kiel! Gone mad with power.

It’s Kiel fanart time because Fireborg did a piece on her:
as well as Ariel:
Thanks for the great fanarts people!

Now about the cameos; There’s only one left to be received. Em, if you are alive, please check your emails!


  1. Nice to hear that you had fun at the con.

    Darkvolt’s 8bit figures give me memories back to the 1990’s when I used to play on my gameboy… :)

  2. Kharla: You will not stop me Darth Kiel will be more powerful then either of us.

    Zair: *thinking* “Why did I not pick the Indian theme were I have a gun and she has a sword”

    HA..HA…WOW thats a big convention I hope you had a good time Kern.

    1. Every time I see Kharla, I think of an ice hockey goalie…
      And I think there’s a parallel: Both, Kharla and these guys are (normally) Ā»specialĀ«. ^^

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