saturday stream : Angry strawberry, space marine, succubus Syphile

It’s over! 11 hours livestream marathon with a 42 watchers peak. Which is a our highest so far. Thank you all for coming and keeping the chat going. As usual if you came late i progressively become less chatty as time go by due to fatigue, my apology.
A lot got done today:
Succubus Syphile. It’ll go online sunday or monday as Daydream update. This is the picture daydreamers voted for. It feature Ariel, Kor’maril and Kel’noz as well though in few details. To correct any assumptions i’ve seen show up in the livestream : This isn’t the return of Syphile in the story! She didn’t suddenly get better after having been stabbed to death!
Cover of book 3 : Very quick to do because this was an experiment in substracting colors to make a Kiel portrait. Nothing fancy. It’ll look interesting once colored by Kite. To go online at the end of the chapter as cover for the download file of chapter 39-41.
Page 49. Spoilerish for people seen it but then that’s alright. You’ll see it online in 2 weeks.
-This week for the insane livestream requests picture everyone agreed to try to do fewer characters in higher details. Last time we’ve had 20 requests, this time it went down to 14 that then got voted on. The four winning options were:
-1 Space Marine nau 1 1 1 1
-2 Nau steampunk armor 1 1 1
-4 gender bend 1 11
-10 Karla as a feral 1 11
Behold steampunk marine of the strawberry sisterhood Nau’kheol and her faithful feral Kharla.
-Kite finished mandar’s commission of two space age characters Kyne and Raspberry getting some cuddly time. Will you just look at the perfection of this strawberry icecream!?! Only a icecream expert such as Kite could do this.
-She also completed one of her Tera’s character portrait. Insane amount of details in this one!

-The livestream lately have been a source of creativity for others and today is no exception. First Darkvolt led the Space marine charge with Chrys’tel!
-Wondering about that strawberry part in Nau’kheol armor? Well the thing is the livestream chat wisdom has determined that Nau’kheol is a grumpy strawberry.
This realistic depiction of Nau’kheol was brought to you by Leopardwerecat
-Tsuris’lok is lost to us. But not in the way readers of Moonless age thinks… Leopardwerecat works. Drowtales studio does not take any responsability for your eyes combustion if you full view this picture.20130309-4
-A turn about concept of Kiel by Icybee who wish to make a 3d model out of her.20130309_3
-Finally Em bring you a mouse drawn masterpiece of Kiel…with a beard. Thank you Em :P.20130309-5

Today I’ll drawing live the next daydream extra archive update of Syphile becoming a succubus. And the book 3 cover that’ll go up at the end of the chapter.
Join in the chat and leave your sanity at the door! Those who are there get choose the succubus picture and pass on a request at the end.


  1. I’mma gonna miss ‘Lok ;_____;
    Genderbend mecha Nau is very snazzy though :P

    I kinda want to beg you guys to come to Australia for one of our cons (like Supanova) so I can cosplay Kiel and meet you guys, even though I know it’d be insanely expensive to travel from Canada u____u

    1. yeah , we have difficulty going to cons in our corner of the world, australia might be beyond the realm of possible. Though i’d love to see you cosplay Kiel!

  2. Dat strawberry ice cream… I looked at it and I suddenly drooled all over the place…

  3. Vey nice Rasp and Kyne moment, in original concept the strawberries were meant to be on Kyne body consumed by Rasp in nsfw style, but then it got chibified due to lack of funds into sfw work :P
    Really adorable piece as usual.

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