Cameo closed, Baliir for president, Livestream insanity, Zelda got stolen!

Cameos are closed. Thank you all for sponsoring the upcoming chapter! Anyone else who missed it, there’s always the next chapter!
Baliir for president, commission by Darkvolt based upon our livestream discussion of yesterday…or is it today? Saturday and sunday kind of blend together when you don’t sleep in between. Speaking of Baliir we were considering making an extra arc about him in between the two chapter to rebuild buffer. They’ll be chibi style and i’ll aim to produce 3 a day. Hopefully that’ll be enough to help Kite. More on this topic later this week.

With the livestream ending on a post about the cameo, this had to wait. A new high in livestream request! Will it ever expand?

I’m not alone struck by livestream insanity. Kite fell prey to it.
And so did Leopardwerecat. But then some could claim that she begin the insanity.
Lastly Catriana had her character comment about his fate as a lollipop

Mandar commission on kite side has not progressed to her satisfaction, She’ll start over. After the stream she drew a concept art for the dragon of we are ferals to kickstart her imagination

Now for a bit of personal news on the side of retro hunting.
Today was a bit different. After we finished our work we went to the flea market and got our items one by one, discussed with the shop owner about games, arcade, retro hunting, kite trying games on the nes. Some people came and went but few brought anything while we talk. Once all was done we left with the bag without checking. At home we open the bag…
Gun smoke, check. Star fox, check. Killer instinct, check. Lolo, check. Drarius twin, check. Zelda link to the past… zelda? Gone! I returned to the store, the cartridge is nowhere, it wasn’t left behind. We concluded the near imposibility of a cartridge falling off the bag in the short distance between store and car. That leave one of the person who came by just swiped the cartridge from the top of the bag and left. I don’t recall who or when. Shop owner is just as lost. I don’t like the idea of mistrusting people but it look like i’ll be wary of leaving anything unintended for a while :/ Remove that and it would have been a great day.


  1. I once lost a pair of $50 headphones and a $150 calculator in a bag that I misplaced for 10 minutes at a restaurant. Sucks. :P But I guess everyone has at least one such occasion in their lives. Good thing it was just one game. :)

    1. Worst I’ve ever lost that way is some groceries. Some lady got off the bus before me and picked up my bags with her bags. Luckily it wasn’t anything expensive or rare.

      Baliir has my vote, and possible help with ballot stuffing :)

  2. The great thing about President Baliir is that he can also personally smash enemies of the state!

    Vote Baliir 1116!

        1. It’ll just be so happy when she gets home after a long day of protecting the Empire! They’ll play with its chewtoy that probably resembled Quain at one point and she’ll feed it the finest Halme meat!

  3. Ah, La Baliirbert√© guidant le peuple… Delacroix must be turning in his grave, and all the Bourbon legitimists will be bouncing up and down in theirs, shouting “Yeees, that’s more like it!”. >:=)> Mixing up our French revolutions here, we all know that behind the friendly figurehead of Baliirberty hide Kharla’laggien Robespierre and her Committee of Public Dolly (i.e. making dollies from the public), and Kiel’ndia Saint-Just-A’bit-Mad, eager to spread her Reign of Turtle. >:=)> And Naal-Sul Marat, hidden away somewhere in a soothing mineral bath to control her, er, skin disease… at least until Kyo’nne Corday comes along and stabs her. >:=D>

  4. Fark.. I missed the livestream, it was too late for me. But more importantly, the news about the cameos.
    Shame.. I cannot believe this. *shakes head for as long as she remembers for missing it*

  5. Open suply of chocolate and pet turtles for everyone? now this is just demagogy! And who will suffer from the necessary taxes for this irresponsible policy? Once more, It’s the middle class! Don’t let you fool by this pretty face and his engaging smile!

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