Web design modification

A couple of modifications are overdue for the main site. First the index, which type of menu layout would you prefer? The one that replace the guide Kiel or the one that is integrated in the box.

Then we need a permanent livestream page. With two streams running at the same time and our own shoutbox. Could allow guest posting for all but this would mean a single misbehaving user could easily ruin everyone else experience. Likely it will require a drowtales account(free) to participate. Clicking on the username will open the person profile like for ptp and daydream.

Third is the archive. Need the daydream tagging system to keep track of every characters. It would save me from having to manually tag every single pages.

Fourth is the store page. Smallest of modification.


  1. I’d kind of prefer the inserting a side menu option, since that’d just make it easier to see and find.

    1. Does chatango require login? The complaints made to Justin tv was the requirement to login on a third party service.

    2. to be honest: I would like to see an irc channel more than a chatango chatbox. That way im not required to have everything locked in one small page

      1. What do you think about XMPP? I’ve been thinking about a more solid chatbox implementation too, but IRC seems to be a bit hard to implement in a webpage.

        1. I would also prefer IRC since it would allow me to access the chat through mIRC but I don’t know how hard it is to include in a web page… I know I’ve seen it done though.

        2. It would work for me too.
          The only reason I used Irc is because I used it way back in my days of streaming in my website. But I dont remember much of it anymore.

    1. I really like this organization – I personally dislike splitting navigation into two parts (side menu + top menu). The way you organized things is logical- if I’m looking for things like audiobooks or wallpapers, I will gravitate towards an extras section. If I want comics, I go to comics- the placement of the new reader’s guide is also good too.

      This is an aside- but I would also like an option to make navigation of pages text-only as opposed to page thumbnails. It starts getting hard to scroll down when there’s so many page thumbnails. Sometimes I just want to navigate the archives quickly, and I know what pages to go to.

      1. Yes, I know. I wonder how useful the Browser is at all, now that we have proper dropdowns in moonless/daydream/ptp archives. Once the side stories and RH also get it, I think it could be deleted altogether. It’s a bit confusing for navigation, because now there are two ways to get to a page (through the archive and through the Browser).

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