Kiel’s baby, Snugthulla

Kiel answered one of her princess request.

Today is animation day. Though so far i’ve used my time to do some overdue work and feed Kiel’s followers.

Mellamo reached 13 cameos for her story and is now wrecking havoc in the shoutbox as Snugthulla. Any pretty boys aboard that ship is better hide.


  1. There are a LOT of pretty boys on that ship actually….

    Amala: We shall sacrifice the pretty boys to Snugthula so that she spares the ship… also to cull their numbers.

    Atta girl!

    1. Ye must sail be snuggyla and snuggribdis. The first will cost you six pretty boys, but you must choose it, for the second will take them all.

  2. This is a mix between awesome and awkward until the ship is being eaten now its just awesome

  3. HHAHAHHAHAHA! That little ankle biter is really really ballsy to try cup a feel mistress. Never the less i think we can take of the baby for you mistress. We shall love it and care for as if it was of our own. And yes im making this awkward.

    1. I mean that in a confused yet caring yet worried yet contemplate yet kind-of-sure-this-getting-insaner-by-the-second way.

  4. Someone complaining about there being too many pretty boys? That can be fixed… I know a legit doc that does a good face reconstruction on the side. Once he’s fixed ’em up those pretty boys’ll fool even their own mothers.

  5. Well, I suppose we need some pretty boys to balance out all of the scar-faces we’ve been getting lately.

  6. Eh, no, he’s not really copping a feel, Kiel.

    He’s trying to get some food.

    It’s a baby thing.

    You wouldn’t let a baby go hungry, would you?

  7. How did Kiel de-age herself? Are there two Kiels running around?

    Also, demonbaby is adorable. We should send it on a playdate with ShiShi’s baby!

    …too soon?

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