Computer woes

Kite computer crashed yesterday and she lost all her coloring work. And because my own computer decided to kill both of my hard drive, i couldn’t help with the coloring this time. I spent the entire day yesterday doing backup and recovery of the hard drives. Nothing is lost, except my time. I did brought an extra hard drive earlier this month to do a RAID 1 as backup safety but turn out i brought the wrong size of hard drive… And the other hard drive i have of that size is a damn PATA instead of SATA. But backup is very important, especially in the light of what happened, so i think i’ll end up going to buy yet another one. if i find a compatible one localy.
I did have a network drive too but it is too slow for work use

Thanks to Andrew and Gero for their generous donations! It was unexpected and kind of them to do so. it will certainly help us get a backup hard drive.

As for the books, i think we sold 30 copies in the last 2 days. 161 more to go!


  1. What size drive are you looking for? I have a couple laying around that are gathering dust right now (And have been looking for a excuse to upgrade to those sweet 1TiB SATA drives.

  2. If you are looking for a hard drive purely for backup purposes, I suggest you get yourself a USB flash drive. I imagine that your pages don’t take up much memory.

  3. this is original files we’re talking about here. :) which are 200-400 mb psd files and duplicates, such as the sketch, ink, flat colors, background, combined coloring and final version with text. oh, and concept art. :)

    a bit more than you might guess. ;)

  4. Ok, maybe the USB option was a poor choice….But how about you burn your backups to DVD’s? Unless they get scratched up or physically destroyed, you have no worries about them failing. I see some places that sell 200 DVD-R for about %50, , so thats about 940 gigabytes of storage for cheap.

  5. we already do that. ;) it’s alright, you don’t need to offer solutions. we were already working on this issue before the news post came up.

  6. Your better off just storing away all your backups on external Hard Drives then DVD-R. DVDs go missing & will just die on you one day (Just like the old A Disc use too). Just wrap the Hard Drives up in bubble warp & store them away, it much safer then using DVD’s. Hard Drives are cheap these days, that what I do anyway.

    In the long run it is much cheaper that way.

  7. I understand exactly how you feel about computers going balistic like this.
    They just wait until you least expect it and when it is the least conveniant for you I swear.
    Good thing you where able to recover everything ^_^

  8. Thats the thing with technology these days, priceless when it is running but when it decides to crash on you it creates a secound hell. I know what its like i went to print my 5,000 word essay for college that i had been working on all noght when my laptop broke down. Fortunatley the IT guys at college managed to fix it the next day so my neck and grades where saved
    Have fun over the Chrismas holidays!!!!

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