Buy a printed Prologue with a poster

After countless requests and a long wait , it is finally available! Drowtales Moonless age in print. Grab it while it is available and if they all go, more chapters will be made available.
0 out of 200!

By purchasing this, you get:
-A 47 pages long full color manga of the prologue. With 6 pages full of concept arts that were never seen on the web site. Along with commentaries on each.
-A 11×17 poster of the Sharen and Nidraa’chal forces.

Price: 8.5$/6€ per copy. Need more than 1? For bulk order rates, please contact
Shipping: 2.5$ for canada, 3.5$ for usa and 6.5$/4.5€ for international destinations.
Express available upon request for canada and usa only. But it is advised only for bulk orders. 2 copies in one envelope is 3.5$ for canada and the usa. 2+ copies for international is 12.5$ unfortunately.
Shipment schedule : Weekly.
Signature : Upon request only. If you want your copy signed, include it as a note with your order.

What are you waiting for? BUY IT!

-Will other chapters be made available?
Answer: It is only if we are sold out completly that we will make other chapters available for sales. As this is our first try at selling physical copies of Drowtales, it is a very risky business for us. Unless people want them, there is no point putting months of work to prepare more books.
-I have a comic shop and i’d like to support Drowtales. Can i sell some copies in my shop?
Answer: This print doesn’t come with any ISBN but if that is alright with you, yes it is possible. Contact and tell how many copies you would like to buy. We will make you a bulk pricing.
-Will there be tracking number? How do i know when my book is sent?
Answer: No tracking number sorry. We will contact you at your paypal email address or at the email address you provided us when your copy is sent. Also a confirmation of your order will be sent within 24 hours.
-Can you ship my copy with one of the plush?
Answer: No. The plushes are in the USA and the books are here with us in CANADA. To buy plush Go to the plush shop entry
-What’s the quality of the book? What is your printer?
Answer: We used kablam services to print the book in high quality color. A first copy was printed and we tweaked our work for optimal printing quality. Though it isn’t perfect, it is of good quality and there should be no errors.
– What if i don’t have paypal?
Answer: You can pay via snail mail or interac. But we cannot garantee your copy until we receive your payment

You can pay via snail mail , by sending your donation cash or as a money order(bank or postal) in a letter. No check please. Our address is:
Studio Drowtales
1226 Adelard Plourde

In the case of money order, write the name “Yan Gagné” as recipient.

For canadians only. You may use interac email. It is easy to use and permit you to send bank transfer at a very little cost. Visit this site: Certapay to use it. Only RBC, Bank of montreal, scotia bank, Canada trust and CIBC are supported. To make it work, you will need to use my email address “” as recipient and then forward me the secret password


  1. Even though I hope they sell out, being a successful run, I’m kind of hoping that there’s still some left after christmas, so I can buy the set with extra money. XD

    (‘Cause even though I want the Naal plush, this is so much more affordable, and I get a poster~~ Yay.)

    Let’s hope for successsss–!

  2. Oooh, you tempt me so…aww, who am I kidding. You’ve already made me a mindless (but quite happy, and squeeing) Zombie, who’s high on Drowtales. That’s a compliment, in case that wasn’t clear. ^_^ I just hope I’m not drooling…

    My Naal plushie arrived yesterday. I was all a-squeeing, and I think had anyone seen me, they’d have doubted my sanity (there’s really not much to doubt about my sanity, as it’s non-existant anyway, as anyone who knows me well will tell you. :P ) because of the silly grin that was plastered on my face when I openened the package and hugged it.

    Since then I’ve found my mother agrees that it’s absolutely adorable, my middle sister say she prefers Wullewack (my oldest plushie, a Duck with the colours of a male duck, but which I decided long ago is male. I got her when I was about 1 year old.), and I’ve convinced a friend who said that the Nall Plushie looks scary, that that might be true at times, but if there is someone out there that deserves a hug, it’s Naal’Suul.

    Sorry if nobody is interested at all in what I just said, but I just had to say it. I’m just so darn happy. ^_^

    Oh, and I’ve just ordered my copy of the prologue. Can’t wait for it to arrive .

    (In case anyone’s interested, the parcel I was talking about in the “Books held at the border” entry has since been released from the clearance office, and has arrived with me, and with it of course that cup that is a present. Christmas is saved!).

    Okay, okay. I’ll stop rambling now. Feel free to toss tomatoes at me. Just don’t bring out the stones, okay?

    *ducks, runs and hides*

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. YAY! I just brought a copy, at last I can rest for the day. BTW how long do you think it’ll take to reach Australia, judging buy the stuff I buy online maybe a 1/2 – 1 month. :) so happy!

  4. Are you guys making any profit off of this? If these sell well you could probably tack on a dollar or two next time for profit.

  5. yes we make a profit. We make a profit out of the plush too. The amount of work involved into getting these print done deffinitly made us want something in return.

  6. I love this site, and cannot wait to get the prolog! I’ve got your wallpapers on both of my work laptops! Not sure where I”m going to out that huge poster, but I”m sure I”ll find a spot!

  7. Just received the comic book today. It’s great to hold DT printed in my hands. The extra sides are nice, especially the one about the Nidraa’Chal troopers. That Tainted dragon looks scary. Hope someday you are able to made that Browsergame so that we can play Silice and kick Nidraa butts – and fight creapy Tainted dragons. ^^

  8. Mine came today! I must say it is nice to have a physical copy of the prologue. Quality of the print seems on par or better than other comics I have. Still… someday I hope the whole comic makes it to hardback or some large gorgeous compliation book ;)
    Keep up the great work! Loving it.

  9. Bought a book and it’s AWESOME!!!!!
    To be honest I was expecting the hardcover, but sériously, it’s an amazing book. I really really really like it!


  10. Hey thanks for creating a hard copy of the prologue, I loved reading it and it provides an excellent backstory to the original clans and their alignment to one another. I am currently awaiting the arrival of the hard copy, and my anxiety is growing everyday. I love this series. It has got to be one of the best mangas I have ever read. Yeah i have a few comic books here and there, but this one catches my attention. even more so than Heavy Metal Magazine. I hope the Studio grows into a large Company one day, And I will be glad to say I got one of the 1st 200 printed books they have put out. These will have to be rare in time. I hope they are like Numbered just like they do with Collector’s Cups and such, and if they are Signed, that will be so awesome. I will definitely keep it in Mint condition until i get old. I also hope the studio is planning on making prints of the chapters as well, or even making a movie out of it. I would also like to give props to the French for creating Parkour, it is an awesome workout and really fun to do.

    Dagaz Val’Thoress
    Captain of the Personal Guard to the Val’Thoress Ill’haress.

  11. Dagaz, the copy is only signed if you request it during the purchase. If you didn’t and was ordered this week, send me an email to request the signature.

  12. I was wondering, might you offer the poster/printed book again? I really would like to get a copy if possible. Thanks!

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