Pretty boys hunter, your character in sunday’s mini-story, fan coloring

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Louise’s Nacht. A Path to power Tei’kaliath character. This was a commission for a picture done in a concept art style.
If you want one, contact me at

Kiel’s followers on facebook were very lively at first but i’ve noticed that there was a sudden drop in activity after the focus was put on the livestream. So , to give the spotlight on the prince and princesses, Kiel will invite one of them for the mini stories that will drawn in the weeks to come. This is available only to members of Kiel’s facebook group.

Last saturday livestream picture was colored by two readers.
Blackmors version on devianart
Sorenshadow version :


  1. :D *squeeee* Thank you Kern!
    And yes… Kiel has got competition for hunting pretty princes now :P

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