She cannot breath, someone call a doctor!

Trying to give a slight full body animation using a mix of layer movement and warping to give the impression ariel is breathing. The practice and those to come are for the sake of growing use to it by the time i get to do a story for daydream with minor animations.


    1. It’s not weird at all, I hear it too @_______@

      And I’m completely normal!

      … *cracks up laughing*

  1. Looks like Ariel got some pauldrons and more encompassing metal body armor! I like it :D

  2. Greetings Kern,

    As an animator, I would suggest holding between 6 – 8 frames where her ribs are expanded (and adding a few more in between movement to the part where she exhales) to cure Ariel’s hiccup. Other than that, good try! =)


    1. you’re right, a pause on chest and mouth would have been a good idea. If you have an animation gallery, feel free to share.

  3. Cal’ree: I’m a doctor! >8D “is punted back to Relic Hunters” XD

    Great Ariel animation, she looks both beautiful and badass :D

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