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A webcomic whose creators i’ve met at connecticon. . The second link trading. Eric menge has two exceptionaly rare factor that made our meeting quite the coincidence. First, he works on the D&D forgotten realms drow players book that is to come out this fall. Second, the webcomic that he and brittany make is set in french canada ; quebec and a renamed Acadie. What were the chances? Pretty slim! Check out their work through the link above or in the side bar “friends of drowtales” list.
Also, if you are a D&D player, support his book release :

Connecticon made me miss a week but i hope you didn’t think Kiel would just let the matter stay still. The madness continues tomorrow on at 4hPM GMT-5 (East) Please, if you don’t know international time, just use google, it’s faster than typing a comment. Right click the selected time, “Search google”.

Rune, GM of Relic hunter campaign 1 has a message to the community :

If anyone is interested in joining Relic Hunter, now would be a great
time! Three squads (two Sarghress, one Nal’sarkoth) are currently in need
of one more squad member!

One squad has also disbanded recently, so if any 5 people would like to
join as a squad I’d be happy to help set it up!


  1. People should Join Relic Hunters if they’re interested! I’ll give you cookies! :)

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