Connecticon 2012 (Now with map!)

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Kite will be wearing that costume at the convention. Look out for her and her little demon god. It’s a mix of Kharla’s hood, mask and Chrys’tel’s dragon robe with a demon plush. Another sure way to find us is to look for the 10 feet wide huge banner of the Nuqrah’shareh arc.
If you attend connecticon 2012, please let us know through a comment. Drowtales readers are free to hangout at the booth and after.

Edit 10th july:
Audience requests by Kern ; friday 11h30AM to 12h30. (hours may change as this conflict with another appointement)
live coloring by Kite. saturday 7h to 8h PM

edit second july:

recent fanwork
Leopardwerecat did a Diva.
Jaibyrd made an official post for her hood craft.
Pitdragon did a Beldrobbaen character


  1. If I could I would. I’ll hope you end up at Youmacon again this year, because barring that I don’t think I’ll see you guys at a convention this year.

  2. Heh, I’ve been practicing digital art by doing a short comic with that character, Waes, and Khal.

    Wish I was closer for that con. I’ve always had the urge to make a Vaelia costume…

  3. We see that Kite is wearing Kharla’s clothes. We are not sure if this is a dollable punishment. Or perhaps a compliment.

        1. Which means we have to do our damned best to give DT the signal boost it needs so they can get well-known enough to do more international Cons c:

  4. Do you know if you’ll be going to any conventions closer to Ottawa in the future? I can’t take enough days off work to justify going to Connecticut, but I’d love to meet the makers and buy stuff in person =D

      1. I really hope they invite you next year, I’m going to start sending them an e-mail or two suggesting drowtales!

  5. AH! My roommate is going to connecticon for the whole weekend! I’ll ask him if he can get me something signed by you guys at the booth! =3

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