Ariel true form part 2, livestream

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People seemed to like the overly cute take on Ariel true form. So let’s do a little social media experiment. We can’t convince you to subscribe to daydream, but it cost you nothing to click “like” or “reblog” on one of the 3 main social network. It’ll help spread the word about drowtales and the cute might hypnotize people into coming to check the comic. More people is always better.

Mellamo has set her livestream date to wednesday 10hPM and thursday 1hPM.
As for me, same day , same time. Saturday 4hPM, get it on the Kiel crazyness! never know what you’ll influence.

About cameos. I got 3 imperials, 1 overseer, 3 scourges, 1 nether summoner, 1 prince, 1 princess. That’s 10 people, 2 of which are carry on from the previous book order. Pretty good result, enough to make sure we’ll do this again for the next chapter. At this point i confirm that “nether summoner” , “Overseer” and “scourges” are closed. I could possibly fit a fourth imperial , another prince or princess. By the end of wednesday that imperial slot will be closed because i’m nearly done writing that arc. If you are on the fence, i’m looking at you Samantha/Xenon, now’s the time. 2 concept arts orders got in too, on top of those who had it already bundles. My plate is very full but i’m happy to work hard all week to make sure to provide the best content possible for this chapter. These funds went to upgrade my cintiq , which Kite will bring back with herself on the 25th. So that i may provide better arts to you all.


  1. Eee, how cute! And I figure that the outfit ought to be wolf-based, since she’s a ‘little wolf’ after all.

  2. Awesome on the Cintiq upgrade!

    Off the fence people, we got some peace to keep!

  3. Even though I love Ariel’s REAL tall gal form in the main comics, this IS a super sweet page & a nice shoutout to the earlier days of Moonless Age when Ariel was the little sister to Faen. Ariel and Faen, BFFs for life! Regardless of whether they end up an official couple at some-point or not. Great work :D

  4. Nice hit the goal on Facebook and Deviantart. Now if we could get the other half in Tumbler we’d have a knock out.

  5. Love the whole thing, but I just have to point out the anatomy on Faen. Her knees look way too low, but it may just be the folds in the fabric looking lower than it should be.

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