1. Not thieves, so much as pirates. Hmm, maybe I can make something for you to get exposure there Kiel, but it requires me disappearing for at least a month into my evil laboratory of doom.

  2. My mistress, you have touched the power of the book of faces but it almost pales in the shadow of The Tube of You. The tube of you allows even greater gate ways to form to where they are able to record and show events of everything. And when i say everything, i mean everything. It can play music of all kinds, show beautiful scenes of love to horrifying scenes of gore and horror of all kinds. And of course it shows all the kinds of things like games, to animation of cartoons, to even show what we are doing right now. This is the power of the Tube of you. So mistress, when do we get started on taking it over?

  3. Also mistress, nice job taking over Slavemaster!! *waves Kiel flag there.* Its going pretty exciting there with you charge and your right about going for highly rare targets, So heres my advice, we go after as many as we can. From Kalki to Craft, to Zala, to Chrys, to anyoe we can find here. With you around we can do anyhthing mistress, so lets go get us as many of royality as possible!!

    1. though you may want to be litle with some targets, they can be pretty tricky without doing them seroius harm. Also be sure to take care to the ones we catch. Cant having our princes and princess we catch be treated like crap now do we?

  4. Messy dimensional mashup time paradoxal stuff. Yeah, I’ve heard Vighuss went through that wen he fell through a dimensional crack in Mel’s Knighthood and vanished. I don’t know much what happened to him after that. He could be anywhere, so watch out for a tainted drow that has multiple personalities and drinks too much beer.

  5. You have gained an additional princess, Kiel! *bows deeply* Archer Princess, at your service!

    1. Wait a minute… a “Thief Princess” and a “Archer Princess”? Are we going by jobs or something?
      If so, what do I do? Hm… if Kiel can make us bodies and transfer us, I’d like to be a body shield or living bomb for her! Use the very body she gave me as a weapon!
      I could even try to look as unassuming as possible and take her enemies by surprise! Like maybe a kitten (cause some drow can’t get enough of ’em) or a baby (since I seem to recall hitting a pregnant woman is still seen as completely horrible amongst drow), I could be called a Bomb Baby or a B.B.!… But that might be too much and in bad taste for Kiel, even if she and us know I’m not really a kitten or a baby, and I’m willing to blow myself up no matter what I look like in the drow world when I know our mistress could just build me a new body or send me back to the collective…

      Or does this count as weapon suggestions?

  6. Way to carry out an epic takeover! Nicely done Kiel, straight up and to the point, just the way it should be done :D Slavemaster won’t know what’s hit it!
    Hmm, how to conveniently and *totally* coincidentally get Sarv and Quain in the same place at the same time to carry out this epic battle? Since they’re both fighting-obsessed, there MUST be a few haunts they both frequent. Does anyone know if they both hang out at the Black Dragon Tavern? Maybe we could conveniently nudge them there at the same time, and then lock them in the arena together? >:]

    And Kiel, you didn’t answer my question! How’s Naal going?

  7. Kay, so I’ve been gone awhile and missed my chance to post something last time :( still gotta mention that I love how we’re(the princesses) are flipping everyone off in our avatars and that I thought WE were the ones covering Kiel and not Naal… Now I want us to be her clothes..

    I’ve got to ask though, is there a limit to how many bodies you could make for us? And invading yootube would be difficult because that would require animation and sound at least. I’m not sure Kiel can transfer sound and motion as we see it through the gate yet, but someday I’m sure she will! :D

    1. There are those anniversary animations in the archives, they could perhaps be uploaded. Other than those, though, I agree – it’d certainly be difficult to maintain and update animations every week.

  8. Mistress… the Thytube is a portal… that shows us great many things. Things that were… things that are… things that weren’t and things to come… IN STEREO!

    To put it simply… it is a treasure chest of the Universe, where visions of… alternative realities gather…and anyone can open a portal to there and even place their own visions, thoughts and feelings there! But creating a vision is a great deal of work and this seeker feels Mistress Kiel is too lazy to do regularily but we can wait. We can wait an eternity and rejoice in bliss when Mistress finally conjures a vision and places it in the realm of Thytube! This soul will be waiting.

  9. Behold! The fiery destroyer of the fourth wall! She walks again, a godess among mere mortals!

  10. Dawn of war quotes aside I fervently believe that a fight of pretty pink quiny poo vs control freaking out sarv would destroy the world out of sheer epicness! Then again just listening to music does that sooo……

  11. HAHAHA! That’s right Kiel, no girl can resist a guy with a really huge… Sword. ; )
    But since were talking about princess to snatch I insist we go for the Balvhakara while we are in Nuqrah’shareh, particularly Sara’hilana Val’Balvhakara. You’ll love her, she also likes fighting and blowing stuff up with her gun.

  12. Well Kiel, we know what drows do to drows in Chel, and you certainly know a lot about the things that can be done to demons… especially by your clan. Being sealed is certainly one of the safest! And, stuck to Chiri, I’ll have a chance to see lots of other interesting people (including you and your fighting skills closer than most of your followers will ever see them) and maybe go to the surface at some point!

    Plus, I’m sure you’ll agree that as most princes are either fanatics, quickly dead or in your (army’s) conquest list, a lone female demon can’t really stand a chance here. Better be fandemongirling with a princess!

    Waiting to see the epic Quain vs Sarv match too!

      1. Oh hello, that’s quite frightening Mr Tsuris or… is it? ;-) It seems your mistress enjoys the fact that we don’t all have the same tastes or personalities; you know, she doesn’t like people to be too… indoctrinated. :-)

  13. Kalki’d be fun. Kharla too. Waes is someone I’d like at the top of your list though, she is Naal’s mom after all.

    Also, why stop at Princess when you can get a *Queen*? Get the big crown herself, grab the ruler of all Chel!

  14. Is Kiel hunt just temporary adventure?
    Like it will last for some time and upon completion the story would simply return again to that demon Master as main focus of it or it’s constant thing and Kiel will become SlaveMistress and replace it?

    It would be nice if everyone could see the first page of this adventure, even if some don’t have DD account currently like me, maybe as form of free advertisment, to see with their own eyes what this will be about.

    Hunt as Kiel for Kalki or Chrys/Nau package or Balv clan member like Sara sounds tempting to join as SM or Dreamer for a bit of time it will last…

    Also fight between Quain and Sarv would be a total war of two very aggressive control freaks, it would be interesting if they would keep their cool or totally lost control and gone in mad rage at each other.

    1. Kiel Hunt is just temporary, what happens in Kiel Hunt won’t affect the current SlaveMaster archive and after the chapter is finished, SM will resume as normal. So we can go as mental as we like 8D

  15. Mistress, you are so adorable when you are being devious. It makes me want to take control of the collective princely body of ours and give you a big smooch. And then it makes me want to show you what that “big sword we are” can do. :eyebrowsmilymeme:

  16. Oh my… if you like the craft many of us can do it for you misstres. In fact there is a time that the gate open wider and we make craft weapons, pepol, countries, even little universes and then we send it to the Outer Gods, though only one of those creations can reach your world and be part of it. Has been many years in your world since the gate open wider but i believe that the time is coming close.

  17. Kiel i love you XD
    sunday is really my funday!
    i cant wait till sunday, i mean i love the drowtales story, want see what happend there next,
    but now i`m more exited for sunday because its Kielday ^^
    at the moment i work really hard on a big poster for you to show my love XD
    crazy, but i feel like not like a princess catching for your love, more the one watching your back XD i know, you dont know me… but i know you! i watch you for so long…
    see you grow up and i dont will stop watching you ;)
    You are one of the best! dont stop fighting! ^^

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