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  1. Sharess’ mammaries (or should I say Naal’s mammaries? o_0) you have no idea how happy this makes me 8D I can’t believe my suggestion won!!! And yay, sneak peek of timeskip Naal! (even if it’s just fanservice, heh). The noise I just made was a little scary xD I’m not even gonna ask where that “third arm” is…

    And lol, Kiel’s reaction at the prospect of going out with Chiri xDDD It’s ok Kiel, I’m of the same sentiment.. you stick with Naal there ;)

    Kharla sure looks happy with those ducky slippers =P I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous, they look epically fuzzy.

    I agree, aside from that brief stint as Crazy in Space Age, Kiel’s been very much out of focus lately. I reckon it would be pretty epic if we got Kiel to be a major character in the Ladydream archive, how we could do that I don’t know, but it’d be fun to make “Babe Kiel” turn out to be a pretty important player in the criminal underground or something.
    Taking over the wallpaper archive would be the easiest, though, since we’re not running the risk/challenge of trying to make a “Boom! Kiel outta nowhere!” moment fit into the established storylines of the other archives.

    And — KIELXNAAL I’M SO HAPPY MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN MADE. All we need now is for KielXNaal to be canon and I can die happy xD

    1. On second thought, the Ash Age archive has pretty good potential too. As odd as it may seem, Big Sister Kiel sounds like a pretty awesome option xD

  2. Also I love that little sketch of us where David Marshal glares at Kayla Dunkley xDD Man we make an epic eldritch abomination.

  3. I don’t care if she’s a flesh-eating demon you take your gauntlets off when you’re going to kiss a girl, Kiel.

  4. Ya for KIEL AND NAAL. You don’t need to choose just conquer them all!!!

  5. That whole thing was flipping hysterical. I’m glad KeilXNaal won. Naal is one of my my most favorite fiction people of all time and has been for years. Of course, you too Kiel!

  6. At some point it was obvious that old love in form of Kiel x Naal will win easily.

    Kiel in SA as another golem pilot?
    Would be interesting, but again there’s Rasp already and we also have Crazy who looks just like Kiel, so adding Kiel as her older/younger sister to spice things up may be a good solution.
    Rasp and Kiel would be rather the best of friends, and Kielwould have a Naal there already :P

    I don’t see Kiel in Ash age simply cause that’s totally some alternatve future scenario, her being in BtW A2 too would be a bit of strange.

    I would say people will vote the most to get 5th archive of some stories about Kiel so extra turned into Kiel archive sounds the most plausible.

    Other direction would be fun if Kiel would eat the SMaster essence or somehow join with it and she would become Master herself with the ghost abilities as the new protagonist :P

  7. The Chiri supporter dilemna: if you go out of lurking to give her some encouragment, then you’re summoned as a demon, in a body inhabited by a lot of Kiel-worshippers…

    Oh, well…


    “Go, Chiri, go! Yeah Chiri!”

    *waits to be sent back to safety behind the fourth wall, by the wills of the other posters, of Kiel and of Chiri combined*

    Anyway, good to see some sweet moments for Kiel and Naal who deserve them well.

    Wait, if Kiel decides to get Naal’s spirit a body of her own again using a Naalbot… would she change her mind about steel-shafts loving? ;-)

    1. * dilemma… better not add the grammar addicts to the list of my un-summoners! :-)

  8. I can’t even begin to describe how much I want to see Kiel x Naal ravishing each other and Kharla wearing those ducky slippers in Drowtales for real.

  9. Ash Age, definitely! Eve is waaayyyyy too naive, big sissy Kiel could only do her a world of good! (and spice up the story, hinthint). Beside Eve has/had your action figure. Since she’s a fan already I doubt she’d oppose your coming ;3

  10. Oh wow! this whole thing just made my day! And I want that fighting game-WAIT. WHY IS CHIRI TALLER THAN KIEL?? O-o

    1. Not all of us, just some of us… The Master is like a concentrated part of us.

  11. Slavemaster. Would be funny to see. Might also cause a paradox and have two kiels in the same scene. Fun times!

  12. I’m wondering if I voice my beef with Kiel, will I survive the resulting fallout? … Probably not but here goes:
    Kiel is a funny character with SERIOUS childhood trauma, and an unstable grip on reality that makes her able to routinely break the fourth wall, other then that though, I’m just not seeing the appeal of such a character. I mean, she’s always kind of come off as a comic relief to me, if at times sort of a woobie. Why she has such a MASSIVE following still eludes me.

    1. Probably also because her spunk and attitude are quite charming, and REALLY endearing. As far as weirdly massive followings go, is it really a surprise Kiel is so popular? There are stranger and yet somehow larger followings out there…
      If your ONLY real issue with Kiel is that she’s well liked by so many and hyped about, then that alone shows there isn’t really any real reason not to like Kiel herself. In the end, hypes, followings, and fandoms themselves are the real off-putters and oddities in the world. :/

      1. I guess her charm and charisma, and always being in high spirits makes her more likable, but those always came off as sort of a facade to me, like she was just going to grin and bare it you know? As if she was pretending to be strong so she wouldn’t appear weak in a clan that was organized in a way that if you appeared weak you ended up getting killed.
        I guess if anything, her not being dead despite all adversity she’s faced is kind of nice ^_^

        1. Granted, there have been instances where everything was just too much for her, Naal’s death being the most obvious example, followed by her attempted demon aided suicide which resulted in her finding out something of Naal remained, which was a nice bit of hope for her I think

          1. She was also happy when she thought Nau when took her for a ride in the carriage . And she was smiling and joking alot when she was with her friends that day . Although people can become a lot happier on the day they decide to knock themselves off .

    2. She’s also one of the least ass-holeish characters which are left , and her motivations and character are more identifiable to me then most of the cast , despite her lack of tight grip on reality .
      “Kiel is a funny character with SERIOUS childhood trauma”
      Well , it seems more like ongoing trauma from everywhere , once she lost her family , and then later her brother and all her friends were gone at the end of chapter 32 . Her talking to us the Naalga , refusing to accept Naal was dead , and to an extent her obsession with the mother golem just seem to be from isolation from anyone at her level of most of the time she was growing up , so her trauma seems like it could also continue into adulthood . (possibly not because several people , like Kar’liir can interact with her now , but it’s a possibility)

      So yeah I like her for the reasons you listed and I listed . Although what would make a character deserving of a large following , if that’s not it ?

    3. It can be hard to answer this….I just want to say is that “she is awesome” and be over with it. But, to try to put it into words:

      Well, for one, her harsh life generates sympathy…yet, unlike most of the other characters, she doesn’t use her hardships as an excuse to sulk or a justification for cruelty.

      Matter of fact, Kiel might have the best excuse to be cruel and mistrustful of all our characters, considering her clan. But she isn’t. If anything, she is by far the most genuinely heroic character, in that her whole motivation is to be a hero and save the world.

      And yet, despite being a bastion of optimism in a pessimistic world, Kiel isn’t naive, like say most shonen or fantasy heroes would be. She knows that the world is a horrible place filled with suffering, but fights to save it anyway because the alternatives are worse. Additionally, unlike naive heroes, she actually does plan, and uses politics and intimidation to further her goals…though unlike an anti-hero or villain protagonist, there are lines she still refuses to cross: not murdering a mother in front of her children for example.

      Additionally, in comparison to all the other main characters of Drowtales, Kiel is also the one overcoming the greatest odds. As though as Ariel’s training can be, she has always had the training and protection of some of the most badass warriors around. Similarly, Chrys and Chiri enjoy the favors of their wealthy and powerful mothers and the authority of their stations. Kiel, however, has, at best, uncertain allies (either mindless or mentally unstable) and little training, and yet has to contend not just with the external enemies of the Vloz, but all the backstabbing and petty politics of her own clan.

      And she is doing this entirely of her own initiative. Ariel and Chiri follow orders, Chrys is torn between two paths, yet those paths are still laid out before her by others. Kiel, however, chose the path of the conqueror and heroine. She could have fled, could have allied with one of the gangs, could have done any number of things – and certainly, no one one told her to take over her clan or trained her to do it. That is all her.

      Now, invetibly a bet some would read all this and think her a mary sue. But she isn’t: her decisions aren’t perfect. She has few friends and many enemies. And she suffers for her position. Kiel often faces setbacks that come with extreme emotional or physical pain.

      And yes, amidst all of this, she maintains a sense of humor. Another point in her favor. How many characters can invoke such a wide range of emotional responses? How can one see her struggles and not root for her success?

      TL,DR: She is funny, kind, brave, self-motivated, and humanly fallible woobie who just doesn’t give up.
      STL,SDR: Awesome.

    4. Thanks for the well worded replies folks, I was worried I’d be accused of trolling or something, I can see why she’s so popular ^_^

      And I do in fact like her, I was just curious as to WHY I liked her…. My brain doesn’t always fill me in on the decisions it makes.

      She is indeed a strong person to be able to keep herself going and have a positive outlook, and her stubborn refusal to mope about it all is rather appealing.

      I’d like to refer to a favorite quote of mine in regards to Kiel:

      “Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.”
      — Kurt Vonnegut, “Eight Rules for Writing Fiction”

      I think this quote sums up several characters in Drow Tales quite nicely for that matter ^^

      1. Very good enlightenment junglefowl.

        In fact, from a certain point of view, we could consider that kiel try to act with a “black and white” morality, acting like a would-be superhero and talking of prince and princesses…Even if this character is far more complex than this, this alone is sufficient to attract my sympathy. Plus, she is funny!

        But if i had to answer to tsuris’ question, i would focus on his ability to break the fourth wall. It’s an original and very delicat thing to do, but kern succeddeed, adding a lot to the originality of the character and to the shifted point of view of kiel. And seriously, I consider This page ( with the one before like a real masterchief and a totally original achievement in the category “how to touch the reader?”.

    5. You and me both. Kiel is a funny character but to be perfectly honest (forgive me, mistress!), she is proceeded by Chiri, Kalki, Ashie and Diva (in no order) on my list of favorite characters

  13. *in danger of cracking a smile*
    Gotta love that bit.

    Well, Ash Age is where we could fit her in without worrying about how it interferes with another version of herself…though, on the other hand, it is the only story that sticks to original characters and it might be good to keep it that way.

    Kiel taking over SA could work in a way too: “Kiel arrives at cake party, takes over story, turns Crazy into a Mary Sue.”

    I am not sure what taking over Extras would entail, so I might vote for that just out of curiosity.


    And I think that Naal should take over the Sharess story. It’s not often that one has the opportunity to become a master of the demon realm.

    1. Hmm… All of a sudden, I see Kyo auspicticizing Chrys and Ariel. I now ship Ariel♣Kyo♣Chrys. Why don’t I ship Ariel♠Chyrs? The hatred has to be personal for that to work. At their level, it would only be professional, and needs to be auspicticized for things to go smoothly.

  15. As they on our world mistress, “All ends, end well.” So CONGRADULATIONS FOR YOU AND NAAL!! You two are super perfect for each other. (Besides you and your prince Nau of course.)

    Anyway, My thoughts mistress on taking over a daydream slot would be the Slavemaster world. First, while the empty dream world slot is good and all, it would take alot of work for you and us to make well badass and to your liking. So lets take over a world that already is ripe for the taking and we dont have to do much work. Second i think the master wont mind much, he adores you, so he wont if you take over for a while.

  16. Sadly I was the only one who voted for Chrys and Gailen… a pairing I have been a fan of since the Daydream page of “what would Gailen be like as a girl?”

  17. Duckie slippers! Kharla would you pretty pretty please make Kiel a totally awesome outfit that looks good for her as your sister? Maybe with some belts to remind Kiel of that pretty girl in all black and belts Kiel brought home a few years back?

    Nothing that looks like a stuffed animal. The summoners in the clan would be mean to her if she looks like a walking hugable toy. :( Then you would have to turn almost the whole clan into dolls to make sure no one was mean to Kiel ever again.

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