Skin to rock hair to ash , community report

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I had to draw the image in my head of ashes turning an elf into drow. In this case it’s chirinide, looking up and changing. I meant for it to be more cartoony at first with clear outlined flakes but it ended up into a softer style in the end.

The main weakness of our studio is lack of communication. Sometime it would take months for me to hear of an issue that is left unresolved. Person A doesn’t talk to person B, each managing things on their own, with little oversight. Then eventually news begin to spread from down to up when something goes wrong. If you’ve read this news feed in the past past 5 months you’ve likely heard me mentioning exemples where this has come up.
To resolve this, we’ll begin to make weekly reports. At least one person from each major section of the site : forum, wiki, main, daydream, ptp, relic hunter, dev, will submit something every week end. Even if it is just to say “Nothing’s going on!” These will be put together for the monday news feed and if it is helpful, we’ll see as to have those feed linked to from the paid sections to keep our supporting users informed easily. This will keep people informed on projects, such as what’s going on the backend of ptp, to avoid miscommunications from proliferating. And inform on what’s to come, such as Rune’s proposal to bring something new to Relic hunter. While keeping different members of the studio informed about what everyone else is doing.
The first report will come on the 28th.


  1. I like the spots where you can tell ash fell and changed things, yet it still has to grow out into the yellow of the hair or the flesh tone of the skin.

    Also good idea on the updates, especially to curtail miscommunications and rumors.

  2. Hmmm….what is it with these ashes anyway? Magic, or is it just the natural elf reaction? Or radiation? :P

    Humans are affected too, if I recall correctly, and assuming that hasn’t changed, but not as much.

    Are orcs and ferals affected at all? I don’t know if we have any points of comparison.

  3. Nice picture, the soft style fits very well.

    AND, now I know why the Drow have this red glow in their eyes; it’s because of the ashes, it hurts their eyes! ;P

  4. “inform on what’s to come, such as Rune’s proposal to bring something new to Relic hunter”

    Yay for the new Relic Hunter stuff! :)

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