2007 plushies sale

Overstock surprise! 4 extra plushes found in the crafter’s shop.

Ariel plushie : 0 units left

Naal’Suul plushie : 0 units left

PRICE: 29$ per plush Special price of 14$ per plush!
SHIPPING (from the USA):
North america (USA/CANADA)
1 plush – $5.50
2 plush – $6.60
(Add 2$ if you want insurance)

International (to any other country)
1 plush – $8.50
2 plush – $10.50
(Airmail, not insured. If you’d like EMS, It is possible to ship it by that method. It’s safer and there’s tracking and insurable. Contact us if you’d like a quote for EMS shipping)

For more than 2 plushes, contact kern@drowtales.com

For people in north america

Buy an Ariel:

Buy a Naal’suul:

Buy both! :

For people outside of north america:
Buy an Ariel:

Buy a Naal’suul:

Buy both! :

The first shipment will be sent the 3 december 2007. To have your plush sent at this date , you must order by the first december. Afterward the shipment will be done in batch when new orders come in.

-Will other characters be made available?
Answer: It is only if we sell all of our units easily that we will make other characters available for sales. So do not wait for your favourite character to come if you are hesitating. It would be a shame to leave those poor Naal’suul plushies alone without a hug during this cold winter.
-Will there be tracking number? How do i know when my plush is sent?
Answer: Drowtales studio do not handle the production and shipping. Ichigo, the creator of the plushes handle the shipping and they are sent via USPS. It is not likely a tracking number will be available. If there is one, it will be sent to you from Ichigo.
-Can you ship a plush with a printed copy of the prologue?
Answer: No. The plushes are in the USA and the books are here with us in CANADA.
– What if i don’t have paypal?
Answer: You can pay via snail mail or interac. But we cannot garantee your unit until we receive your payment

You can pay via snail mail , by sending your donation cash or as a money order(bank or postal) in a letter. No check please. Our address is:
Studio Drowtales
1226 Adelard Plourde

In the case of money order, write the name “Yan Gagné” as recipient.

For canadians only. You may use interac email. It is easy to use and permit you to send bank transfer at a very little cost. Visit this site: Certapay to use it. Only RBC, Bank of montreal, scotia bank, Canada trust and CIBC are supported. To make it work, you will need to use my email address “Kern@drowtales.com” as recipient and then forward me the secret password


  1. The plushies are 12 inches tall / 30 cm–
    They are made out of fleece and a variety of other fabrics for their outfits (fleece/cotton/yarn/felt/ and a few others that I’m not sure what they’re called, but are quite soft~ )
    they also have machine embroidered faces–
    please let me know if you have any other questions, thank you!! =D

  2. I wanted to ask, how reliable is USPS? I’m asking for my decision whether or not I should ask for insured delivery. I’ve had bad experiences with parcels sent by Royal Mail by friends in the UK, as that service seems to have become very unreliable. So if it were from the UK, I’d definitely get insured delivery, or have it sent by a private service to start with. But I don’t really have any experiences with getting mail from the US (I do have experience with getting mail from Canada, though), so I don’t know what would be best. I know that the Deutsche Post here in Germany is pretty reliable, so I have no worries about that, but for that it first has to reach Germany.

    Oh, and they’re absolutely adorable!

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. I would consider USPS to be reliable, as far as my experience with them goes— (I’ve only been shipping with them)
    … but just to let you know, that I cannot get insurance for international airmail packages. I can only get insurance/tracking if you’d like them shipped by EMS. I belive I can get airmail packages registered… :3
    I could also ship with Global Priority mail, although the prices start at $16, according to the website (so you might have to pay around $20?) but you can get online tracking. (but I’m not so sure about insurance)
    I’m confident it would make it’s way to Germany, though~ ;)

  4. Thanks for the fast reply. I think I will risk it. (Wooo! RISK! *laughs* ;) ). One Naal’Suul please! (*goes and orders*).

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  5. Oooo~ So shin’eh.. But you know what I think would sell even more? Plushes of the Sharen dragons! :3 Kind’a like the one Ariel had in chapter one~
    But these are cool too <.<;

  6. U need shirts…i would buy a few..like naals mom…dark depressing chicks are hot!..well back to the subject SHIRTS! what better way to sell ur great comic than with cool gear! just a suggestion im sure ur probly already working on that but thought id say it any ways! =D

  7. Although they could add more choice to their merchandise, including some clothing based around a character in the story line… What I would like to see is that they get comfortably settled in Quebec, Canada; establish a very firm flow of money to cover their essentials and studio costs. Maybe then you, SOME DUDE, as well as the rest of us might be seeing clothing articles related to clans, such as Beldrobbaen.

  8. and the plushies are OUTTA HERE!

    Thanks to everyone who bought them!

    Thanks to ichigo_pan for making them!

    and thanks to Kern …for setting the whole thing in motion!

    HOPEFULLY there will be another run, if not soon then maybe some time later.

    and hopefully I’ll get a Squishy plushy!

    maybe. :3

  9. That makes me sad that there are no more. I hope that Ichigo will make more for you guys. I just love the Naal plushie and I want one sooooooo bad.

  10. Drat, I would have loved to have gotten a Naal’Suul plush.
    Suppose I’ll wait and see if more of these ever start up.

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