Book shipping report

The books meant for canadians have crossed the entire world, fought many ninjas and pirates on the way, to finally arrive at our studio… a bit, okay a lot battered. If you’re a long time reader, you may remember that this kind of postal mistreatment is the norm.

But gaze upon the content of these boxes! Flawlessly printed books with extra gloss on the lettering. (Not visible in the photos)

The binding issues was resolved, as you can see the pages open wide and easily. No panels or bubbles ended in the binding crease.

We’ve shipped the books to our canadian supporters today and Benny of Red giant(the distributor) shipped to the american and international supporters. My shipping cost, 110$. His, 612$. This is where the extra funds went, it’s to shipping and the packaging supplies. China’s air mail was about 610$, sea mail for the rest of the order is yet to be known but i suspect it’ll be 500$. Then there is rockethub’s cut. All put together, the profits from stores sales are being used to help cover the costs. This said, it’s better to get even than to be making a loss , which was the case for the prologue and chapter 1 commercial prints.
Those who took the original arts perk had their packages sent at the same time. I’ve brought some shipping tubes this time to ensure they don’t get damaged.

Two people asked for chapter 34 cover:

instead i’ve offered the second person to take the cover of the book. She accepted the offer:

Though that one will go out on monday. thankfully the last person whose address was missing(Kitsune) came in. No orders will be missed! On Benny’s side, all books were proffesionaly wrapped in plastic. He submitted some photos for you guys to see.
In the plastic bags:

Shrink wraps:

He understand the frustration of waiting for months to have the books delivered and want to make sure there are absolutly no one displeased with the condition of the books when they arrive:

Also in a much more important news (To our cat overlords that is), we brought some used shelves yesterday to store excess from our work space. Each cat quickly claimed their new kingdoms.

As for kite, her desk is behind these, yes, she is boxed in. I will lower the food with a crane every day if she keep on providing you with pretty colors. The holes in the shelves? It’s for the air of course, she need to breath!
Joking aside, she made herself some kind of cubicle , she doesn’t like light much.


    1. Pretty sure the neighbor’s kids think I am. They seem confused when they see me out during the day.

      Let us end the Daystar’s reign!

    2. … Not a vampire, a chocolate vampire!

      Jokes aside, I know what you mean, I dislike glare and bright lights too much. Eyes are a bit sensitive.

  1. When you have cats, all furniture is cat-furniture XD We quickly learned this when we got a cat (one more to follow shortly!) of our own!

    I can’t wait for the books <3 They look great!

  2. Glad to here it worked out for you. Does this mean we will be seeing another book through rockethub/kickstarter likemyou originally planned?

  3. I really cant believe its cheaper printing this books in china + shipping cost then printing it somewhere in canada. If you count the wasted time for waiting in its seems like a bad deal. But well i dont know how much the difference is ……

    1. My old printer(canada) wanted to charge us 5600$ for 1000 softcover copies, which does not include the shipping of about 400$. Nor the hardcovers. so yes, cheaper. and we still had troubles back then even with the canadian printer, as the first batch we received back then was all pitch black.
      Im not saying this to excuse the months of delay though, it is still unnacceptable. The delay forced us to have air mail expenses after all to ensure we could deliver the pre-orders quickly.

  4. Damn. I had no idea that this book was avaible, is there some chance to buy a copy now or has that ship sailed forever?
    I will buy the second book should you decide to print it.

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