Smooth snadhya’rune and study portrait

You can trust her. Really. Look at her, snuggly in all that fur.

A coloring practice/study using one of the two remaining cameo that submitted a photo as reference.


  1. Wait a minute, I smell a tra- oh god, is that red font?! Wait, no, must not read red font, or else I’ll have to obey-!

    Yeah! Peace and colonisation efforts!

    All hail the hypno-Snadya! Long live the red font!

  2. I can’t belive it took me this long to realize, Snad is Cruella Deville!

  3. Comeo-person has TK skin colour… Interesting…


  4. I totally trust snadhya. And she always pays in time… oops, what I mean is that I appreciate her fund… FUR! Yes, Fur! And she’s a rich b..


  5. Pursuing peace… under Snadhya’s rule, huh?!


  6. Snuggly fur is great for gently hugging the doubtful and then smothering them in the fur if they don’t believe you still!

  7. Eh? Did they just start serving ice-cream in hell? Um, I don’t even like ice-cream. Nah, not going to fall for it. Nope, NEVER. Nice try though.

  8. My question is, did Kern draw this as a response to the cacophony over at the forums? Or did he draw it beforehand KNOWING there would be a cacophony over at the forums?

    1. I knew i was going to draw this last week. Sometime i have to wait the day to come to avoid spoiling upcoming events.

    1. Needs a van with “Free Peace” written on it… THEN it will be believable!

  9. Of course I believe the pursuit of peace is important, but the price of such peace is vigilance, and you especially, duplicitous Nidraa’chal heresiarch, bear some watching.

    Perhaps the attendees at Felde could take their cue from the Roman Senate on the Ides of March 44BC, along with a few sealing stones to contain anything that might come bubbling out of her afterwards…

    Et tu, Sillice? Then fall, Snadhya.”

    1. Nah, Khaless would eat everybody at the funeral – “Friends, Chelians, my tasty little Fae Scooby-snacks! Lend me your auras !” *Om nom nom..*

  10. Lies, ALL LIES!!! Snads is nothing but a soul destroying demon is fluffy clothing.

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