Have a cookie!

It appears that the previous fix for the login issues was not uploaded properly.  And it had a bug. :) But now it’s fixed, so you should all be able to log on and off again without a problem. As I side effect, you might be logged out of the site. No worries though, just log on again and all shall be fine.

And yes, the problem had to do with cookies. :)


  1. The full story is either lengthy or techy. Or most likely both. If anyone’s interested, I can write it up, but it’ll probably be boring to the general population. :P

  2. I’m still unable to log in, no matter how many times I try, or try resetting the password. Hopefully it sorts itself soon.

    1. Hmm… can you please:
      1. Restart your browser;
      2. Go around drowtales websites (mainsite, daydream, rh2, ptp, side stories) and see if any of the loginbars work for you? If any do, please tell me here!

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