About relic hunter campaign 2

Before i address the issue let summarize the situation.
Back in january i’ve made an open post about my thoughts on darker side of webcomic business. Cost keep increasing, profits lower and there are services to maintain that never generate any income, yet that we have to put time , energy and funding into for the sake of not angering the current users. There were many reaction to this post, some of support, some that fueled the flame. Since then I’ve spoken about path to power and daydream. The first will be made free, the second is being upgraded as everyone can now see and will be promoted in the weeks to come with an additional archive. Relic hunter I’ve briefly touched, it serve as an example of a failed business model where making money is impossible. One that I’ve left running in the backgrounds, handled by other people for years, ever since it proved that it would never reach the required 100 players. Those who may not be familiar with the service, relic hunter is a graphical roleplaying adventure. The expectation is that the player pay 10$, get his or her character drawn 4 times a month in a drawn adventure( though it was never intended that every single person get drawn every week, thus the per “squad” model). Because at 10$ a month, let’s be clear on this, you can’t pay any colored material even from a beginner artist. And that’s for one picture. For 50 players, I’d need 50$ per playerto personaly garantee regular update, i’d be right there every week, monitoring everything with paid GMs. But few would pay that much, not enough to justify trying this crazy price. As it is now, GMs are unpaid, they do it for fun, sometime real life get in the way such as Luanar who had to go to the hospital a few time last month. While artist are told to put relic hunter on a lower priority than daydream because again, let’s face it, Daydream pay for everything, it make us live, without it there is nothing free. Without it i wouldn’t work 12-14 hours a day on maintaining this site.
This said, it’s still not forgivable to provide irregular update. As someone put it today:

Kra’stynoth (AielloA): What the heck. We pay the same as them, don’t we deserve the same quality and update timing!? This is why I’m getting disillusioned with DT…

It reflect poorly on Drowtales as a whole. Someone pay money that we don’t get yet we are responsible to provide a service that we fail to provide. It’s a failed business model. Because of the negativity this generate, because it tarnish our name, because there is no way to garantee anything : i ask that the players of campaign 2 to please move to campaign 1. If you feel you will not be well represented enough, please pass on the request of cancelation and refund to kern@drowtales.com . We’ll phase out campaign 2 as the current adventure come to an end.
As for the possibility of turning relic hunter into that squad based videogame. It is unlikely to ever happen. PTP2 developement experience was a very bad one, one that ended up with programmers defecting after being paid, leaving serious bugs unfixed. While Sealers was a very good and fun experience for the team, path to power 2 development and our diminishing revenue convinced me to not try this new project.