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Khaless and Lulianne, now one. Lulianne is a character that was made to provide a better perspective to Mel storylines. Mel is a hard character to follow, she has views that are like a distortion field making most of what’s important to the moonless age storyline seem unimportant. i needed a link that is on the fence, within the sarghress but viewing things from outside. A character whose own plea would make her likeable, able to understand Mel yet bound by the consequences of the story. This is Lulianne. She made the bridge, she brought Mel story to the front, she revealed some important background plot, she got devoured by a demon and now she is but one of that demon’s face. But even there she serve a purpose. That demon had barely any screen time even though it is the guardian of important figures in the story. It’s power also needed to be shown with it’s proper impact and in that case, it is to take over a nammed character and mascarade as her. Lulianne is gone but served her purposes.

We’ve received the proof of the softcover and hardcover of book 1. To all the contributors, i will do my best to keep you updated on all the process to come. The books are well printed, colors are perfect. Except the type of binding is very rigid. So some dialogues are hard to read in the fold. Thus we are curently fixing this issue before the final product is made. We should have a shipping date this week.


  1. Good stuff, waiting patiently for my copy! Shame about Lul being completely gone but you are right, her purpose has been served. Now we have Khaless playing a bigger part in her place

  2. For the books it is good news for me. I was waiting for my copy impatiently. But if there are still some technical problems I will be patient. At least I am an engineer (and German ^^°). Thus an artistic AND technical good product is it worth twice at least.
    *cheering* GO DROWTALES GO ON!!! */cheering*
    Due to my experiences it will last one or two months to get the book until now, due to shipping issues… -_-°

    For the Lulianne-Khaless-issue I still hope, that Lu’ will defeat kahless at least, ’cause she’s »less« – if you know what I mean… honestly.

  3. I have to agree it’s nice knowing what finally happened with Lu character(since I too had some doubts), and well Lu looking demon Khaless is hot~
    Even more than angel like Mel in previous image…

    In reality if Lu only purpose was what was written here, give focus to Mel story from other outside Sarghress thinking perspective(well Mel talks with Lu gave much more insight into Mel character and setting from her perspective than her chaotic acting around Kel or Quain), reveal big hidden truth about Nids, taint and Sharess body existing to readers and also seems giving a future possibility for Nids to have real spy in Sarghress ranks, and at the same time showing that a Velakar being in a strong host body like Khaless is a really powerful foe not to treat lightly, then I have to admit she played her role perfectly, her character was an interesting one.

    Also the description about Mel that “she has views that are like a distortion field making most of what’s important to the moonless age storyline seem unimportant”; that basically what I feel whenever I see Mel showing up, personally for me other important DT important goals story wise go completely on second place due to emotions Mel character creates.

  4. was there really no way to correct at least the most obvious mistakes before sending everything off to the printer….?

  5. So Lu truly is gone. You know, too many fantasy books and stories have invulnerable and deathless characters, I don’t much enjoy reading those. DT is far better with it’s realistic character fates. From a potential savior to an entire great clan like poor Lu to a little unfortunate bully like Mir’kiin, all can and may well die. It creates a grim but strangely rewarding reading experience.( *Sigh* I really should find time to write more in english, I fear I’m barely comprehensible most of the time.)

    1. Hmm… on balance I agree with you. Although I have some quibbles in this case. Lu seems to be the universes chew-toy even in SM, where plenty of characters get a second chance she gets the short shift.

      1. I have to agree. I remember proposing a DayDream story about Lu as Illharess of a revived Duntavir just to give the girl one universe with a happy ending for her.

  6. *takes in a deep breath*


    Book. :3

  7. Ha spotted my name :P

    printed in china …. hard to believe that shipping it around half of the world is still cheaper then printing it in canada o_O

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