Final day : Berserk

Some pictures are downscaled to fit the news. Like the one below. Instead of making two different versions each time, the ones uploaded to deviantarts will have the intended resolution. I’ve put up the fourth week compilation up on sunday, which feature the pictures at 25% size, which is about the size they are on paper.

Yesterday i’ve spoken about final fantasy being a fondation in fantasy setting. Another important piece of work that influenced me is Berserk. Few know that before Drowtales, i was running an anime subbing site, it was little known and of little importance. With horrible 90s design because, well , it was the 90s. Videos were hard to find and took forever to download. Commercial translation of series like berserk were expensives, late and most importantly for someone living in Quebec : a rare import. Thus the grey market of fansubbing and fantranslation. One of the first serie i was fascinated with was Berserk. It’s first episode featured a grim , very dark setting with a low fantasy aspect. Strange and mythical things were things that are hidden in the darkness, that people fear but rarely see. A concept strenghtened as the story went back in time , in an era where magic simply did not exist except in some rare corners of the world. It could have been a normal medieval setting at that time with moderatly realistic armor, weapons, technology. With a vast cast that the author would eventually…kill one by one. Making for one of the most gruesome (and frustrating) anime ending ever done. While on the graphic novel side, this ending was but the beginning. A beginning to a world where few would survive , one of such being the anti-hero Guts. The serie had it’s fourth-wall breaking faery to occasionaly break the mood, had arts that grew in huge leap of quality as the story progressed and pushed the bondaries of what we’d accept to see in a story. I will not list them , just google berserk. One major turn point in the story is where Guts, now a young lieutenant in a mercenary army face his very first demon , Zodd, in a fallen castle. This is the topic of this picture. Where most humans would fall to the creatures of myths, he would survive by becoming something very akin to the demon he would be destined to fight.
It’s a gripping setting that still resonate with me nowaday. Chapter 10 of moonless was my attempt back in the days to try to give a berserk feel to a chapter.
Like final fantasy, Berserk have lost it ways across the years. Nowaday it’s rarely update and the japanese market needs for ever greater and more powerful foe have long made the story drift into the ridiculously overpowered battles domain, leaving it’s original story far behind. I was hoping to see the end of that story , but sadly i do not think i will.