Happy new year!

Happy new year 2012 to all our readers.
We leave a difficult year behind us but thanks to the recent support shown by our readers with the book project, not only by their contribution but also their words, i have regained hope for 2012. First january is usually the time to make a few announcements for the year to come. Let’s continue that tradition.
-Side stories will be brought back. To update on a semi regular basis across the whole year (hopefully). More on this next week for a detailed announcement.
-Download files will be available per book release. In short, chapters meant to be read together will be put together. This is the case of chapter 33 and 34. Next is 35-38. This will allow hopefully to do smaller chapters if the need arise and less jump from point of view to point of view within the same chapter. I will seek to put the books on the IOS platform this year.
-I will do a 30 days 30 character type of challenge for myself, in hope to regain some artistic motivation. I don’t have time to color but perhaps just a simple sketch everyday will be enough. It’s day one so here’s the first. Based on a certain relic hunters killing golem…

-Alpha readers group will be remade. If need be i’ll invite people from outside the studio for this endeavour. Alpha readers are meant to give inputs regarding a story before it is drawn. But also to proofread. I believe a third opinion would be beneficial to the stories, especially since chapter 35 does not have an editor as of yet. This group will also be review side stories and non-drowtales project.
-I intend to submit a non-drowtales project in april. Even if i don’t draw it, i need to write something new to become a better writer. 10 years is a lot of time. I started this when i was 19 and my taste evolved since then. There is much to gain for drowtales itself if i try to expend. I used to write a new side story on a regular basis back in 2008 when i had a first alpha readers group so maybe by remaking one it would drive me once more to write. For those who are new to drowtales, you can check the contest entries of 2008, they’re based on those stories.
-Expect a new daydream web site this month. Valts is busy remaking the archives at the moment.
-When resources will permit, we will see as to make a new game. My current aim is a remake of Relic hunter with free player accounts(no custom arts/comic for the free accounts) so that the game we produce will benefit drowtales as a whole. See 10th year anniversary page for details. It would be produced by the team that made Sealers.
-Path to power have been a source of discontent and stress for 2 years now. In summer 2010 we were considering to either terminate it or to upgrade it to something new as the old community fell to bitter infighting. We chose to try and salvage it through a major upgrade. I’ve stepped down while the game was in production. Thalar brought a new life to the game and took the burden off my shoulders. However the problems coming from this project continued through 2011, both before and after the project went online , causing unnecessary stress that interfered with my regular work on other projects while draining what was left of my saving. We do not generate any income from ptp to help drowtales as a whole , nor does it help drowtales to grow. I appreciate that some want to make PTP a success and it is for that reason alone that I , Thalar , Guillaume, Wietse and Sebastien will be preparing a proposal concerning this project.


  1. Happy New year to you and your team as well, Kern.

    The last point considering PtP 2.0 made me all *aw, shit, it was so much fun…*, but i´m sure the proposal will be a fair one.
    I feel sad that the income is not enough especially since i pay for two years for this game. But given the costs for the upgrade (which some still don´t work unfortunately) i can understand that. Maybe getting help from the community might change that. We see the bugs and a few of us already said they know what the faults are, maybe those could help with fixing them.
    I hope PtP won´t end. I wanna see how the Tei’Kaliaths, a Clan made and enlivened by a part of your readers, will walk upon their Path to Power in the present and future. :)

    Again, i congratulate you to a great year 2011 and wish you a succesful year 2012.
    Happy new year, DrowTales.
    James Rye

  2. *le sigh* The point on PtP makes me sad as well. I really hope it won’t just disapear, but I feel with you on accounts of it causing you all kinds off grief.

    Only suggestion I could make of the top of my head would be to include some microtransaction mechanics. Pay extra to get some little (temporal?) extra goodies to at least make the project commercially viable. That seems to work for other online games, ne? Although to be honest I wouldn’t know where to get that started …

    Anyway, a hearty cheer for another year hopefully to be filled with plenty of various Studio Drowtales goodness. Happy new year! *hugs*

  3. Happy new year 2012!!

    I agree it’s maybe time to re-evaluate the way PTP2 functions, overall I want to say it has been a highly enjoyable experience joining this game and I hope it has a long life ahead of it, in whatever form it will take in the future.

  4. Happy new year and good luck for all of your future endeavor!

    Personally, I can understand the problems with Path to Power, for I was one amongst those who was so displeased with it she simply quit. I was extremely enthousiastic for PTP2, and what it would bring, but we were given practically none of what we were promised. A heavy focus on individual action! Instead there can only be ONE action per square, which everyone needs to follow it, even if the clan direly needs something else that can only be done in this square. Pre-set Projects! ALL project needs to be submitted for the GM for approval! This will stop infighting! Instead, we used the same system as in PTP1: Put a line in the Event Archive, fight with everyone. Also, the fact the actions we put often ended up taking widely different meaning than those we meant. We put an ironic action? It turns to a war in the comic. We wish to support an action? Instead the mod chose that the action is against it. I could go on and on.

    But what REALLY end up making me quit is the fact that some players acts as if the game is solely, and entirely, THEIRS. Most players I know and befriended talk to each other while working on projects. We try to come up with the best project possible, and though we may not always agree with each other, we always try to solve these problems in a civilized manner. Not so for many other players. A specific one comes to mind that REPEATEDLY started flames wars with others, spouting insults at EVERYONE. You agree with the project but don’t think a specific little detail I chose is important? Insult. You disagree with the way I act? Insult. You want to work on ANOTHER project than mine? Insults, insults, and threats. Yet despite repeated complains from players, the admins never did a THING against it. The players who dare, who try to bring the game in novel directions, to go beyond the rules to make it thrive, but who accept when their action didn’t work, yes. But this player, who once openly stated he would sabotage the game because it wasn’t going his way, never even got a slap on the wrist.

    These kind of players sabotage the game, poison the atmosphere for all of those who genuinely wants to enjoy the game and make it grow, yet it feels like the Admin often side with them rather the rest of the players. When it is to the point some players stop putting up actions out of fear of being the persons’ next target, there is a very, very REAL problem. And it HAS gotten to this point. Hopefully this will change, I will be able to rejoin PTP again and have fun like I used to. But if things keep going as they are, I honestly doubt it.

      1. Really? That is good. Since I stopped paying attention to anything PTP related after leaving it(instead concentrating on Daydream), I was not aware this issue had been resolved. Still, as I’ve said above, it isn’t the only issue I have with PTP, or even the main one for that matter, so most of my comment still stands.

    1. Perhaps I wasn’t as invested in PtP’s outside endeavors like utilizing Skype, but some of your complaints seem a bit exaggerated. That’s not to say some of those things didn’t happen, because they did and I saw them. Regardless, in ANY game played, there’s going to be those individuals who aren’t nice or pleasant with their words. You can either let it get to you, or you can shrug them off and move on.

      And once again, that’s not to say people should be allowed to say just anything to others. You’re right, there are people in the game who are excessively rude, to the point of annoyance. But not everyone is going to conduct themselves the way you’d like them to, and I’ve seen you take particular offense to people who sometimes weren’t being as rude as you assumed them to be.

      I agree that the forums needed better moderation. In fact, I believe one of the biggest issues with PtP was that we had too much freedom, and it got out of hand. For a game with so many people actively involved, I think some extra hands(forum moderators) and maybe an extra GM or something along those lines wouldn’t hurt. That way, there would be less overall abuses.

      However, your issues with PtP2 sound more like there was a lack of tolerance to wait for the bugs to be fixed than anything actually going on. Things are a lot more calm on the forums than I ever remember it being with PtP1, with a lot more cooperation. There’s been confusion, because the game is still undergoing a lot of fixes and a lot of us aren’t always sure of what to do, but there’s not as much ‘fighting’. Disagreements, yes, and even some disgruntlement about project ideas being stolen, but ‘fighting’? I haven’t seen it so much. But like I said, I don’t use Skype and I don’t do SYP. I participate in the forums, because that’s really where we SHOULD be focusing our ideas and plans.

      1. I do hope the bugs gets fixed in the next months though. They´re starting to frustrate quite some people, especially the level bug which resets you to lvl 1 no matter what you do.

      2. Hahah, there is some truth you say. I AM overly sensitive. It’s a very real problem for me, with very real consequences. Considering how hard it is to show your intents when on the internet, coupled own sensibility and insecurity, I have taken offenses at silly things before. Though I like to think I was getting better =p

        Still, the fact remain, I did NOT leave because I simply ‘could not wait out the bugs’. I used the grid system, took part in actions(Both in the Grid and the EA), I was even starting to work on a new project for the EA. It was a very specific event, and most importantly, a very specific PERSON, that was the last straw and caused me to quit. I couldn’t handle this person making things sour for everyone. I couldn’t handle seeing it spotfree when it had earned over 20 banishments. Seeing it portrayed as a hero in the comic when he didn’t deserve it in the least. I quit because of this person, and swore not to return for as long as it was around.

        Events such as the ones brough on by this person are (kind of) rare, and the vast majority of the players are great, civilized folks. However, bad players can get EXTREMELY vocal, and I’m sick of them waging their own personal war in total impunity. I realize I’m just one player. Kern probably doesn’t give a Rat’s ass about my opinion. Perhaps he has his reason for limiting moderating, for keeping this player around. But as far as I’m concerned, these things ruins the game, and since Kern wants to improve on the game, it might not hurt to give my opinion on what I think is wrong, for him to consider and, maybe, correct.

  5. Well, whatever you guys decide in terms of PTP I’ll try to support it if I have the means, but I understand that as it is it’s not sustainable. I’m just sorry that the upgrade didn’t work as intended.

  6. It’s good to see Side stories are coming back, those were cool.

    And its also great to see Kern focus on improving the writing. So far the artwork has improved greatly, I hope the plot and writing improve just as mush. Alpha readers are a good idea too.

  7. Happy New Year!

    I was a lurker for a long time, and eventually signed onto the forums back in….2007? 2008? Something like that. Either way, it’s been amazing watching how far DT has come, in story, art, and as a business. I actually became so inspired by your guy’s commitment that I wanted to try something similar with my own series, and even went to school and earned a Small Business Certificate. I didn’t do it, my art isn’t nearly as good as yours and I’ve been drawing for years and years. I figured I’d simply stick to writing, which I’m semi decent at, and I’m fairly pleased with what I’ve accomplished within a year. Hopefully in ten years, I’ll be making a living off of my novels. Now I’m probably going to go back to school, but for my English degree. I too wish to become a better writer.

    You have an amazing fanbase and you’ve taken something already done and made it unique and wholly your own. That’s incredibly commendable, so I’d say you’re already a great writer simply through that alone. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2012.

    As for PtP, I’d hate to see it completely disappear, but I would understand, especially if you’re not making enough to warrant keeping it. It would be nice to have a ‘restart’, even if it was no longer canon, since I felt the old system was good, but that it needed perhaps a bit more overall moderation. Hopefully it won’t shut down completely, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

    Cheers to you, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

  8. Hmmm…With the success of your fueling project. Ever thought about making a fuel run out of the RH and PtP off set the dev cost.

      1. he (?) is talking about the crowdfunding campaign for the new book.

        also, happy new year, everyone!

    1. I would be willing to chip some extra in to help offset it if they did something like that.

  9. i wouldnt care if you charge a bit more for ptp to be honest. i think its quite cheap for the things we get.

  10. Happy New Year to everyone!

    And best luck in 2012 for DT team.

    I know late.

    I won’t comment on PTP2 since I don’t play it…

    From good news I see DayDream planned website upgrade which makes me happy since, well compared to PTP2 and main site redesign, it looks a bit old fashioned, kinda childish :P

    Also nice reading there will be more short side stories, I wonder if they will be more focused on building world setting/explaining new/other clans than following individual characters(like with current Duskians one), there’s 15 years story gap so there’s place to dive there to get some individual characters past stories too.
    or maybe it will be a mix of both worlds.
    I suppose I’ll wait for that future annoucement.

    I think best way to see future projects completed is that way of raising funds like it happened with book, better to be certain of some things than like with Sealers game going blindly with some type of game not knowing if there will be enough people to support.like it before and get burned.

  11. I can only cross my fingers and say you find a way to find PtP2 economicly viable. Either then that I think the system is good alothugh it has bits missing at this point.

  12. Whatever happens to PtP 2, it has been fun and educating game on the basis of teamwork. There are some times that the PtP community sucked, but that creates a learning curve for us as a community of players.

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