Book day 7

Almost half way in the project pre-order phase and we’re also almost halfway with the funding(47%). I am considering to use sunday that normally doesn’t have updates to post the project in the main archive itself. I know many just read the comic and don’t look to the announcement bar nor the news. Could possibly do a chibi strip to go with it, though i don’t know what yet…

Thank you to the new contributors:
Aimee Van Buskirk
E. T. Young
Bren Leach
Sydney Van Buren
Andrew Richard
Wandrille Duchemin

The distributor red giant entertainement also create a webcomic of his own with a team of international artists. It’s called wayward sons. As a cross-promotion effort for the book i’ve done two pictures of his character S’ket. Though Kite doesn’t have time right now to color so it’s rather barebone.


  1. Can’t you post an announcement for the project on a page for that goes with the update you put up tonight? Why wait till Sunday and give us two pages. Even if one is technically an ad.

  2. I think it would also help to put a link in every news post related to it, as to avoid readers the need to “hunt for it” in older news. Maybe even putting an image at the side or something.

    1. there already is a picture with a link on the main site. it currently alternates with two other pictures, though.

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