Moonless age arc 2 book 1

A lot of effort was spent to bring you this offer. Ultimately it’s not for the sake of making money, it is to bring the comic in a physical form as so many people asked for. Now you have to chance to show your support for the project. Get the counter to 5000 and those thick high quality books will be produced. Both softcover and hardcover.

Kite has come up with 4 different cover title possibility. If you would like to let your opinion known on which should be used for softcover and which for the hardcover edition. simply leave a comment or vote in the poll.

During my research to find a better printer, i’ve met Benny Powell of Red giant entertainement who offered to distribute our book directly from the usa. Cheaper, faster and better. We’ll be able to distribute to stores and online shops as well. But the hitch is that this is only worth it if we plan to make new books. With the economy as it is, i can’t afford to put considerable amount of money that this project entails. It is thus in the hands of the readers who wishes for the book.


  1. Love this comic! Already paid for the cameo appearance perk before this blog post appeared! xD

  2. The covers are beautiful. :)
    But, as pretty as 1 and 2 are, I think 3 and 4 are more legible, especially from a distance.
    At the same time, I kinda like the idea of a difference between hardcover and softcover, visually. So, though its not an option, my vote is 3 for softcover, 4 for hardcover :P

    1. I agree. 3 and 4 aren’t quite as busy-looking as the other two. 4 would look gorgeous on hardcover, but might be a bit much for a softcover book.

  3. Cover 3 looks the best. There’s something about the title in the first and second blending too well with the background.

  4. Bought a hardcover version! Looks like the contributions are going up like crazy. Voting number 4 for the hardcover, 2 for softcover. I just recognized the Sharen banner behind Chrys as being the same one in the webdesign, rofl.

    Do we get our money refunded if the project doesn’t pan out?

  5. Hard to decide, They’re all so pretty!
    I think perfer 1 & 2. They simply display more.

    Chrys’ face is so big, that adding borders makes the design seem busy and cramped.
    Maybe she should be made smaller?

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