Just some sketches i did of late.
This week as i was writting chapter 6, i was thinking about how Laele is the extremely strong “creature” of the Sarghress clan. Something to be used only sometime because it is can backfire. Then i thought , Vloz’ress got the same, they got Kharla. What about the other clans? Sharen got that big dragon golem that could suck dry (to death) someone trying to use it, unless the person have exceptional mana capacity and was trained since birth to use it. Then i thought what would be the beldrobbaen creature. Some kind of huge drider that went completly insane over time, it spider part taking over in bizzare ways? It body covered with exosqueleton that sometime break to let loose thick black body hair. Natural body armor, regenerate quickly, at least 3 meters tall and quite nasty to fight against. Would be binded all the time. Not canon yet, just a concept.
Beldrobbaen : The mother
We got the sarghress, then the Nidraachal. And this time it is the sharen that will get the spotlight of drowtales front page. So expect a fully colored version to be rotating on the front page in the next weeks.
Theme : Vel’Sharen clan
There that whole pixel id character thing on deviantarts, felt like doing one. But with my hand, can’t ink. And felt even less to try to color it, so it shall forever remain as a sketch. Not like i use my deviantarts account anyway.
Kern character id
Kite as samus, calling her Neige ship to lift things :p random thought when we were playing the game.
Metroid prime 3
2 fallen legion characters for the remake of 5,6 and 7. Early concept, they’ll change i’m sure.
Fallen legion concepts
Two doodle of Kite in her two cosplay outfit.
Kung fu maid and sweets-thief ninja

Expect the next podcast late sunday, with the houses of the clan as the week topic.


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