1. Finally!
    Nice seeing official design for our, not so little anymore, wolf.
    Ariel really does have long hair, compared to Faen or Shala, maybe even too long, but shapeshifting wise they will come in handy and well seems she should be tallest from her little group(Mel’s and Quain’s genes should kick in nicely).
    I’m kinda surprised she got a spear than some two-handed sword…
    But her overall design quite fits.

    1. i think she got that weapon because it is similar to the one that vaelia uses.
      and it’s not a spear, but some chinese weapon i can’t remember the name of.

      1. Probably a glaive that you’re thinking of. :3 Bladed spear thing and all that.

      2. I only remember the japanese name of the weapon, it’s a Naginata.

        And I agree with Runes, purple suits her better than red, although I bet Quain won’t like it, because purple = Sharen colour xD

        For some reason, her expression seems a bit condescending and mocking, I hope it’s just the picture…

        Gotta love the long hair ^_^ and SO waiting for the first idiot to grab it and getting a nasty surprise.

  2. Looks like she switched back to purple hair ^^ Much nicer than the red! And while I still hope she isn’t grouping up with the other child characters (because if Naruto showed me anything, it’s that mismatched teenagers should never ever be in groups) I get the feeling they will be ;_; XD

    1. LOL XD, I don’t think any of the drowlings we’ve seen so far are as messed up and emo as Sasuke, or clueless as Naruto, or prone to fits of rage like Sakura…Plus, no orange jumpsuits in the underworld XD…Unless ya count Kiel?

  3. Our Young Wolf sure looks nice!
    As for grouping her with others, well even if they don’t form some sort of a squad its obvious that Ariel would at least hang out with Sean and Sarnel. I think that they should spend some time with Sillice’s twins too – it would give all of them the sort of experience that Orthorbbae was meant to be.

    1. Oh yeah, I’d definitely want to see her with Sar’nel more. Their interactions have been interesting so far. And Faen is a given ^^

      1. I wouldn’t call their interactions interesting cause there weren’t any, in both cases they met Sarnel was ordered to fulfill his clan duty, the meetings weren’t from his own free, and they didn’t talk too much to be even called aquantances, just distant cousins.

        Sillice twins may become a more interesting addition to the cast than loyal clan dog attitude and mindset like Sarnel or in Sharen Nau have, cause from their looks they seems to be playful, but well look may be deceiving.

        It seems the story will shift into Ariel slowly climbing ranks around Sarghress clan instead of going back to Orthor during the time jump(so I suppose there won’t be war in the near future maybe thanks to BS threat), so it will be natural for her to hang around and looking for contact with other people there similiar in age instead of clinging to her brother(or in reality lying uncle).

        So so far we have 2 girls and 2 guys plus Ariel as head of the harem :P

        1. The first meeting in school was fully by his own will and I like to think his words had some kind of impact on Ariel. In fact, I hope his confident character rubs off on Ariel, because right now Ariel is kind of naive and dumb XD

          And that harem stuff sounds like it would be one of the old and particularly bad and OOC stories of DD.

          1. I don’t remember now but wasn’t it something like he was ordered to protect Ariel in that battle or he felt the need to protect her due to the good of the clan not like he cared about her personally or anything?
            I’m not a fan of clan loyalty to tell the truth too much.

            I just want Ariel to be a proper Drow lady, meaning bisexual and for that to be shown in the comic, and if any I prefer to see girls and boys running after Ariel in their crushes than other way around, Ariel should be the alpha female who gathers other around :D

            As for harem well maybe that’s a bad word used here, rather having multiple partners fits better, Asira DD story is rather good example that it fits the story well, cause I hope that we will see Drow acting more as they should than being further humanised to our current standards in their behaviour.

      2. YOSH! I’ve been wanting to see Ariel and Sarnel get closer since they first met :3

    2. I’m getting the feeling that Sarnel is going to be much more central in the future…it’s not implausible that he’ll be part of a squad with Ariel and the rest that we’ve seen.

      1. I agree, it seems likely that Ariel will be part of a squad with Faen, Sarnel, Kau, and Shala, and to me that is just the coolest combination possible :3

        BTW, can you tell if Ariel’s only weapon is the Naginata or does she have a sword strapped to her back as well?

        1. if you’re wondering because of the pommel behind her, that one most likely belongs to her pole weapon (which is a lot closer to a guan dao than to a naginata). if it belonged to a sword on her back, she would have her hair stuck between her back and the scabbard – uncomfortable. she might have a short sword in horizontal position at her belt line, though.

  4. Oh, I will miss the little wolfy who introduced us all to DT. But children do grow, can’t help that. *Sigh*

  5. Ariel’s outfit vaguely reminds me of Hawke’s Robes of the Champion, the small metal piece sticking out at the top. The spear(naginta) in this case similiar to the spear that Hawke wielded as well. But Hawke had his entire body covered and fur going on with some of the armor as well. Good redesign of Ariel never the less.

  6. Yayyyyy purple again <33333
    I really loved that chapter when Mel more or less "kidnaps" her for a lil girl talk, it's sad Mel couldn't share all the truth just yet but I really think purple suits our lil wolf more being that she -is- Mel's daughter an Mel an purple go hand an hand. I hope someday Ariel will learn the truth and accept it as such even if it takes time…

  7. I bet her hair’s going to be entirely purple by the time she’s an adult. :p

  8. “drops to his knees and bows before the sheer awesomeness of Timeskip Ariel!” :D

    Seriously, beautiful work on Ariel, her new look seems both strong and agile, her armor providing great protection without limiting her movements. And it looks like she’s adopted Vaelia’s naginata weapon :3

    Her hair is beautiful as well, “sniffles,” our “Little Wolf” is all grown up and ready to kick Sharen tail!

  9. Ariel and Faen both look so beautiful! <3 I bet she'll be able to do some impressive shape changes now that her hair is even longer.

    1. Well they need a mascot too, so Melodia after time jump too would be needed!
      A battle feral!

  10. Yes, it looks not bad, at all. »Not complaining is praise enough!«
    Just kidding, it look very good.
    I just recognize to my desire, that Ariels hair is purple after the time-jump instead of red. Does Quain get real to Ariel to be her Granny instead of her Mom in the meantime? I’m looking forward to the end of chapter 30…

  11. Woot! Official adult Ariel! Purple Ariel!

    And a polearm too! I love polearms and they aren’t used enough by main character. Especially since it looks like Vaelia’s weapon…I hope Vae can train her some! Oh….and the cover is just awesome.

    Man….good stuff overload! *head asplode*

  12. Ariel’s all like “I’m here for the cake.” Congrats on the new look Ariel. Purple’s in, red is out…time has passed. Curious tho…will she still be the little wolf fan girl or will she accept her new role? Time will tell…and I can’t wait. Great job Kern and Drowtales gang!

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