Coloring test

This poor Chiri was done a few days ago. It is as if i traveled back in time to chapter 11…
So i asked Starlitdragon and Kite assistance in teaching colouring techniques. The new picture is this one.


  1. Future (after time skip) Ariel design maybe?
    If she would look like that with that color scheme used I just love it!

    It’s quite funny to see that with age Ariel’s bangs got now fully into purple/violet color, and it gives her character a nice refreshing change, like a spunky teen.
    Characters growing up with readers is always a big plus.

  2. Im finding that blending is a ragging b*tch too. My mom and my bro keep telling me its practice, but I dunno…I just get frustrated.

  3. You did really well (and coloured quite quickly, that was an ungodly hour of the morning). There’s a nice sense of depth in there. I really like the blue you brushed over some of the trees to push them back. Sweet character colouring too, I like the highlights. The ones on her hair are particularly fantastic. I really hope you keep it up with the colouring, you’ve made some crazy improvement in a short time.

    Also, Ariel’s Raider outfit is boss.

  4. Ariel looks BEAUTIFUL after the timeskip! Excellent work, love her expression, her outfit, and the colors :D

    P.S. her wolf pup is adorable :3

  5. Well, I know next to nothing about artwork, so I don’t think i can say anything helpful…but it is good. Really good.

    I especially like how the body language and colors set the mood of the picture.

    Looks like raider Ariel with a wolf pup. Interesting…half expected her to buy a cat from the Sullisrune.

  6. DO WANT. :D If that’s post-timeskip Ariel, I’m even more enthused for the skip than I was previously!

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