My experience in Montreal…

Kite’s interpretation of Montreal
… could be summed up by the image above. (Things improved once we were indoors.)

Starlitdragon sent me her bishou ambassador to address a very important question concerning our vacation:

Starlit’s Bishou War1

Starlit’s Bishou War3
Starlit’s Bishou War4Starlit’s Bishou War5Starlit’s Bishou War6Starlit’s Bishou War7

I missed you too, chibi Tir’ade! > . <

At the convention, Kern convinced me to wear a kimono during our time there. It was quite embarassing, as I never did cosplay before (and it was also my first experience at a convention!). Whenever I was asked to have a photo taken of me, I could not think of what to do. Should I pose? Should I smile? And after a time of looking very embarrassed and red faced, they would already have taken a photo and moved on.

Kite cosplay photo

I imagine that I resembled this in each photo that was taken of me. :b


  1. Too bad chibi-Tir’ade is far too territorial to let in any new bishou. D: Mm, hope your vacation restored your energy to work on the comic.

  2. Hmm, too bad about the all too short reprieve, Kern, it reminds me of my recent (non) vacation. :P

  3. Aww, don’t worry Kite! I bet that photo was very cute! The fact that somone wanted to to take your picture means you must have looked very nice! Oh, no, now im jealous!! I wish people took pictures of my kimono…. > .

  4. Si je pouvais faire une poupée vaudou de Montréal et la mutiler d’épingles, je le ferais. Je compatis avec ce rude épisode Montréalien. Vive Québec et le Saguenay, où l’air est encore pur.

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