New Wallpapers

The Waesoloth and Quain’tana wallpapers will be forthcoming sometime this month (I hope). :)
If you need a specific resolution other than 1280×1024, leave a comment and I’ll see about providing it.

New Wallpapers:

Starlitdragon sent a beautiful birthday gift to Kern earlier this week. Kern wanted to use it on his desktop, and so she sent this:

Hold Fast by Starlitdragon 1280×1024
Absolutely stunning.

Next is a wallpaper made from the recent Chapter 0 page, which features the Nidraa’chal clan.

Nidraa’chal 1280×1024 Wallpaper
It didn’t require much clean up, so I only needed to crop and add text to make this one ready.


  1. My screen is a blast from the past at 800×600. I know the proportions don’t really mix for your regular wallpapers, but if you ever make a drowussu wallpaper.. please spare a thought!

  2. Poor Starlit! You need an LCD monitor! (Much easier to use paint programs with 50% more screen space!)

    I’ll make sure to include a 800×600 format. :)

  3. I can only dream about getting a screen that huge. xD I love OC’s interface, there’s so much more room to actually see what I’m working on.

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to fangirl endlessly over any Dooter/Kyorl wallpaper, if you ever get a chance to make one.

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