Prologue Page 6 cameos, Wallpaper poll

I thought I would put up an image to show all of the cameos from the recent Chapter 0 page; most of them are characters from other comics on the site, while others are roleplay characters.

ch0 page 6 cameos thumbnail

From left to right:

Meiliin, Crazy, and Lilith from Daydream’s SpaceAge.
Antinna, a character of Tranquil that appeared in Daydream.
Ras’pu, a character from Demonic Courtship.
Mad’urin, Madea’s roleplay character from Mel Knighthood.
Desmonde and Kai’to, roleplay characters of mine. :b
Relic Hunter is from Relic Hunter’s new reader guide.
Athaeyen is an old roleplay character of my friend Starlitdragon.
Kalyani is an ambassador of the Jaal’daarya in Daydream’s ’20 years later’ story.

Some of you noticed the new Kalki Nidraa’chal image in the Wallpaper section that was put up some time ago. There are resources to make a similar wallpaper using Quain’tana and the Sarghress fortress from the previous header design, if people wished it. A Beldrobbaen wallpaper is also possible, as well as taking some of the completed concept arts and making something out of them. Or, like most of the previous wallpapers, I could take one of the recent pages and make a wallpaper out of one of the panels (though the cleanup may take some time).



  1. Can I request for Ariel x Fern cosplay from Chapter 03 page 038?
    Pretty please with sugar on top. It would really awesome to have Ariel x Fern cosplay in wallpaper glory ^_^

  2. I think it is entirely possible :)
    If you have a specific screen resolution you want, just say so.

  3. Ah! This is great news. Thank you both Kern & Kite ^_^ I’m so happy :) Well my default screen resolution is 1024 by 768 so it would be nice to have the wallpaper at the size. Thanks again both of you! I’ll be looking forward to seeing Ariel x Fern cosplay in their full glory ;)

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