Sketches and CHIBIES

Sometime, Kite surprise me. Yesterday i’ve turn to look at her screen and behold what i saw :
Chibi Kite and faen
chibi quain
I beleive it might be induced by allergies drugs. She had just taken a pill and it gave her creativity. I may end up encouraging her to take such pill for cuteness sake(just kidding.)
By the way, the girl with the cake, yes that Kite. And yes…that quain’tana in the second picture. Never has she felt that cute.

Lately i’ve sketches a lot. Mostly for the concepts arts of the prologue. Which you should see the cover online soon after i post this news. But there is still a few that were not work related, rare gems of time when i actually feel to draw something. An event that Kite and I rarely have, arts being work and stuff.
FaenRandom sketchesSchoolgirlidea doodle
If you were wondering what happen when i get an idea, well one of the two things that usualy happen is this. Grabbing the sketchpad in bed and noting the idea with a simple sketch. Yes in bed… ideas always come in the shower or when i’m about to sleep. Don’t know why. Maybe the brain tend to relax then?

One of the concept i had to work upon is a map of chel’el’sussoloth. Chim will do the final version. still i thought you guys may want to see what i had in mind(so far) for chel’el’sussoloth to look like. This is a very rough sketch. Path to power players will be able to notice where they are located right now. Note that actual proportions are very likely to change.
Chelelsussoloth map